This Grandma's Christmas Surprise Will Give You All The Feels

grandma holding baby girlYouTube
This mom thought her military son being home for the holidays was the best gift—until she saw him holding a new baby. Eva Goeb was more than happy to hear that her son, Donny, and his wife, Miranda, were making an unexpected trip home for the holidays. Donny and Miranda were a dual Air Force family until... Read more

Preemies, Then And Now (Photos)

Kids holding portraits of themselves as preemiesRed Méthot
If you are, or know someone who is, a mom of a preemie, you know how scary and exhausting those first few weeks can be. Will there be complications? How long will baby be in the NICU? Will everything be okay? Quebec-based photographer Red Méthot (RedM) is quelling those fears with his latest... Read more

Watch These Donor Siblings, AKA Diblings, Meet For The First Time

donor siblings diblingLocal 4
Imagine taking your son to meet his long-lost siblings—and their parents—for the first time. Now multiply that times seven! That's how Kenyea Jones and her 20-month old son Presley spent a weekend last month at an extended family reunion in Niagara Falls. Jones, who always wanted to become a mom, conceived Presley through in vitro fertilization... Read more

Long Island Couple Welcomes Identical Triplets: 1 In A Million Odds

Fenley identical Triplet BoysABC News
When Jason and Kelli Fenley decided they wanted to try to give two-year-old son Aiden a sibling, they weren’t expecting to give him three at once. Yet on July 1, Aiden welcomed three new brothers: Owen Michael, Noah Charles and Miles John were born at 29 weeks via c-section, weighing under three pounds... Read more

First Comes Baby In The Baby Carriage

baby feet with wedding ringsShutterstock
You know the saying: First comes love, then comes marriage… And you also know that this life stage trajectory is less common than it used to be. Many couples are choosing to have a baby before getting married, and the good news is that they’re staying together at the same rate as couples who follow... Read more

One Year Later, Mom Celebrates Newborn Saving Her Life

cawley-family-hospital-staffShelly Ann Cawley via Facebook
Baby’s first birthday is an important milestone and celebration of life for any parents. But for North Carolina mom Shelly Cawley, it’s also a one-year celebration of her life. Last September, then-23-year-old nursing student Cawley experienced complications during labor that resulted in an emergency c-section and left her in a coma. And it’s because of... Read more

The Best (And Worst) States To Give Birth In Are…

woman holding baby in parkShutterstock
Raising kids is expensive, we know. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that if you had a baby in the last two years, you’ll likely shell out nearly a quarter of a million dollars to keep them healthy and happy until they turn 18—a staggering number that doesn’t even include costs related... Read more

Stop Fat-Shaming Babies: One Mom's Story

baby leg rollsShutterstock
When it comes to her infant daughter's weight, Caroline Stanley has heard it all. "Mushy, huge, enormous, gigantic, and a chunky monkey," she lists in a Refinery29 article, "among other things." Stanley actually found it funny the first time a stranger ever pointed out her baby's weight, but when it kept happening, she stopped... Read more

How Does Your State Rank In Child Well-Being?

family walking with baby holding handsShutterstock
It’s a great time to raise children in the Midwest and New England. These regions include eight of the top 10 states (along with New Jersey and Utah) that have the highest overall well-being for American children, according to new information released from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual KIDS COUNT Data Book.... Read more

3 Ways to Have a Baby-Friendly (and Fun!) Fourth of July

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but holidays just aren’t the same when you have a baby. Some holidays, that is. Especially ones involving beer and fireworks. Babies and pyrotechnics don’t mix. So you might find yourself, like I did, sitting home alone with a baby on Independence Day, while... Read more