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Blizzard Babies: Fact Or Fiction?

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Let's address the myth once and for all. Do birth rates really spike nine months after a blizzard? Researchers are putting some science behind it. The answer? Yes—after blizzards and hurricanes! "With low-level, low-severity storm advisories, we actually found an uptick in births nine months later. So, it was about a 2 percent increase with... Read more

US Birth Rate Falls for the Second Year in a Row

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The birth rate in the US continues to decline. A preliminary report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the number of US births decreased that year. According to the CDC,  there were 3,953,593 births in the US 2011. That's 1 percent fewer (or, more specifically, 45,793 fewer) births than there were in... Read more