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The Pump and Dump Presents: 8 Sad Cake Princess Cakes

ariel cake failPikturePlanet
It’s National Princess Week!  Can you hear the sound of our heads exploding? According to both of our four-year-old daughters, EVERY WEEK is National Princess Week, but now we REALLY have a reason to glitter up and celebrate!  If you're sensing some sarcasm, it's because if we step on one more freaking tiara or hear... Read more

The Messiest (And Cutest) First Birthday Tradition: Cake Smashing

For some reason, making a mess is nothing short of adorable when you're under two years old. So when society finally accepted that spoon-feeding baby her cake just wasn't going to fly, a beautiful, frosting-filled first birthday tradition was born: cake smashing. Yep, baby gets his or her own cake to destroy, one fistful at... Read more

Birthday Spotlight: Coolest ‘Cars’ Cake Ever

Photos: Matthew Richmond / The BumpPhotos: Matthew Richmond / The Bump
Take a look at this ahhh-mazing cake for a little fanatic of the Cars movies! Birthday Kid: Nicholas, age 2 Cake Details: Nicholas' talented, cake-baking cousin, Amy Donnolo, crafted this delicious rendition of Radiator Springs. Lightning McQueen and the road signs, rocks, and cactus were all sculpted out of fondant, and Amy personalized the cake... Read more