Behind The Boobolution: Real Moms Who Pledged To Breastfeed In Public (Photos)

Couple breastfeeding on the beach in wedding photoHello Miss Lovely via Instagram
Happy Boobolution Day! Today's the day moms pledge to breastfeed in public in an effort to normalize nursing. Because, as you're well-aware, when baby's hungry, she doesn't care where you are. So far, over 4,000 moms have lent their support and pledged. (Still need to pledge? Do it here!) Some are even sharing... Read more

Tata Tuesdays: Live Chat with a Lactation Consultant Every Tuesday in August!

Consider it our Boob-olution gift to you: in honor of National Breastfeeding Month, every Tuesday in August is a Tata Tuesday. This means you'll be able to ask a lactation consultant all of your questions on our Breastfeeding Message Board. All you have to do is swing by our community boards between 1... Read more

Join in the Boob-olution this Friday, August 1!

breastfeeding | Shutterstock | blog,thebump.comShutterstock
With Breastfeeding Awareness Month right around the corner, we’re kicking things off this Friday, August 1, with a party – a Boob-olution (sponsored by The Bobby Company)– all in the name of public breastfeeding. Why? The more often moms breastfeed out in the open, the more they show other moms it’s no big deal.... Read more