How Much Does It Cost to Raise Kids?

Working on a budget to start a family? Take a deep breath and make sure you're sitting down, because we have some news to share with you. It's probably going to cost you about a quarter of a million dollars. Well, it will cost you $241,080, to be exact (for the first child). That's the estimated... Read more

8 Tips For Decorating a Hip Nursery On a Budget

hip nursery
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Halloween Decorations for $15 (or Less)

This Tuesday, The Bump attended a Target Halloween party that was (pardon the pun) spook-tacular. In addition to tasting snacks and testing out costumes, we got to take a look at the new line of Halloween decorations and activities. Not only do these items catch your eye, but they work with any budget. Check out our favorite items... Read more

Bumpies Share Their Clever Money-Saving Tips

Looking for new ways to cut back on your spending? We love these helpful (and clever!) money-saving tips and tricks that Bumpies shared on our message boards. Need more budgeting advice? Visit the Money Matters message board on The Nest. Tell us, what are your favorite ways to save money? Plus, more from The... Read more

The Duggars Spend $3,000 on Groceries Each Month!

The whole Duggar familyTLC
And you thought shopping for your family was hard. Try buying groceries for 19 kids -- plus grandkids! We’re imagining an army of Duggars running around the grocery store -- kind of like that old game show Supermarket Sweep (anyone remember that?!). Well, Michelle Duggar of the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting told Read more