New Tool Helps Women Predict Chances Of Having A C-Section

c-section predictor tool mapAmnio
When it comes to labor and delivery, there's a lot that's out of your hands. But what if you had a better idea of what was going to happen? One company has created the first-ever c-section predictor tool, helping moms-to-be calculate their likelihood of having a cesarean. The tool, an eight-question quiz that... Read more

'Bun In The Oven' Baby In Critical Condition After Premature Delivery

Arkell & Dana's Baby BunFacebook
The Graves family is asking for just one thing from their followers: prayers. One week after an emergency c-section, the mother from the viral 'bun in the oven' pregnancy video, Dana Griffin-Graves, is in stable condition, while her new baby boy, Kaleb, remains in critical condition. The couple updated their Facebook page as soon... Read more

New Drape Gives Moms Immediate Contact With Baby After C-Section

Nurses holding c-section drapeKevin Morley/Times-Dispatch
More good news for moms who have c-sections: It's getting easier for you to meet your new baby right away. We've seen family-centered cesareans, or natural cesareans, gain popularity over the last year. As opposed to the standard medical drape surgeons traditionally use to curtain off the operating field and block mom's view, a natural... Read more

Jessie James Decker Instagrams C-Section Scar: 'I'm Not Perfect'

Jessie James Decker c-section scarJessie James Decker via Instagram
"You look fabulous." "Goals!" "She's perfect." That's just a sampling of the comments Jessie James Decker received after posting a date-night selfie on Instagram. In leather pants, a super low-cut top and sky-high heels, she doesn't look like she gave birth a month ago. https://instagram.com/p/81dmPXlIdC/ The praise prompted the 27-year-old singer, mom to one month... Read more

Having A 'Big Baby'? Read This Before Delivery

Doctor checking pregnant woman with stethoscopeShutterstock
Call it 'baby-dismorphia'; many moms-to-be perceive their babies to be dangerously big. But a new study offers reassurance: your eight-and-a-half pounder is totally normal. The Boston University study, published in Maternal and Child Health Journal, found that nearly a third of women report being told by healthcare providers that their babies might be "quite... Read more

Getting Moving After A Cesarean: When Is It Okay?

woman stretching to sneakersShutterstock
If you had a c-section, keep in mind that in addition to recovering from the drastic bodily changes resulting from pregnancy, you are also recovering from a major abdominal surgery. This means that you will be weaker, especially in the abdominal muscles, than the new mom who didn’t have a c-section, and will have more... Read more

One Year Later, Mom Celebrates Newborn Saving Her Life

cawley-family-hospital-staffShelly Ann Cawley via Facebook
Baby’s first birthday is an important milestone and celebration of life for any parents. But for North Carolina mom Shelly Cawley, it’s also a one-year celebration of her life. Last September, then-23-year-old nursing student Cawley experienced complications during labor that resulted in an emergency c-section and left her in a coma. And it’s because of... Read more

Watch One Family's Incredibly Moving Birth Story

Birth-Photos-Sibling-Meeting-Baby-1Marysol Blomerus
When mom Michelle found out that she was pregnant with her second child in two years, one of the first people she told was Marysol Blomerus, the Cape Town photographer that documented her first son Aiden’s arrival via emergency c-section, in hopes that she would be available again. Like with her first birth, Michelle... Read more

Pregnant Woman Who Disappeared Before C-Section Found

Missing woman Carrie Bradshaw-CrowtherCarrie Bradshaw-Crowther via Facebook
A pregnant North Carolina woman who disappeared an hour before her scheduled c-section one week ago has been found, and is no longer expecting a baby. Deputies were able to track down Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther, 49, at a gas station after her debit card was used at a nearby CVS. While it's still unclear why she... Read more

Here's What a C-Section Really Looks Like

baby after c-sectionJessica Bender Photography
Felicia's maternity photo session was a great package deal. It turned into a birthing shoot as well. The mom-to-be was about halfway through her maternity shoot with Jessica Bender Photography when her water broke. "She looked at me with concern on her face and asked, 'What does it feel like when your Read more