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The Not-So-Scary Reason For The Graco Car Seat Recall

graco convertible car seat recallGraco
Big news from Graco: The company is recalling about 47,000 convertible car seats. But the seats pose no safety hazards and you can continue to use them as you work on rectifying the problem. What's going on here? The car seats are mislabeled, lacking legally-required information identifying the location of the printed instruction manual. The... Read more

Viral Photo Emphasizes Baby Shopping Cart Safety

car seat falling out of shopping cartFacebook
"So this just happened," the Facebook post begins, summing up the shock one Ohio mom felt. Lindsey Wisnewski took to Facebook to share a scary photo demonstrating the danger of placing an infant car seat in a shopping cart. Wisnewski's baby was completely unharmed, safe in a baby carrier as the shopping cart tipped over. But... Read more

The Game-Changing Booster Seat You Need

Portable booster seatsMifold
Portable, inexpensive, cool...not exactly words you'd use to describe a booster seat. But a 1.6-pound seat is finally changing that. Here's the deal: Mifold Grab-n-Go Car Booster Seat is a folding cushion with an aluminum base. It folds flat enough to stow in the glove compartment or in the side storage area of a passenger door.... Read more

Recall Alert! Britax Car Seats, Stroller And Travel System

Big recall news today for everyone's favorite travel system. Britax is recalling both its B-Ready strollers and B-Safe 35/B-Safe 35 Elite infant car seats and travel systems. About 49,000 B-Ready strollers are affected in the US, along with separately-sold stroller replacement top seats. The foam padding on the stroller’s arm bar can come off in fragments if the... Read more

Photo Evidence That Car Seats Save Lives

car seat after accidentGoFundMe
A car crash in Washington could have ended much worse for one mom and her two young boys. But luckily, some bumps, bruises and broken bones are the only injuries sustained. Let's take a closer look at what happened. Wondering how this...   ...could possibly emerge from this? Read more

The Car Seat Mistakes Parents Make Before They Leave The Hospital

dad tending to newborn in car seatShutterstock
We say it all the time: Car seat installation is hard. And we're not saying that to make you feel better about your struggle. It's literally difficult for almost all new parents out there; a new study found 95 percent of parents make at least one mistake while installing the car seat. The... Read more

How Winter Coats Can Be Dangerous For Baby

toddler bundled up in a car seatShutterstock
Bundling up baby is one of the few precautions you can take against winter temperatures. But under certain circumstances, a big puffy coat can actually become hazardous. It has to do with car seat safety. And as we know, car seats are already fickle enough, since they're not designed for universal use in... Read more

Recall Alert! Recaro Car Seats

Recaro car seat recallRecaro
Recaro Child Safety is recalling more than 173,000 car seats in the U.S. The recall affects ProRide and Performance Ride convertible car seats manufactured prior to June 9, 2015. The problem lies in the shells of the car seats, which can crack or come loose from the main shell during a crash, the company announced. The problem was... Read more

Does Your Car Seat Really Fit Your Car? A New Study Says Probably Not

baby in car seatShutterstock
Installing a car seat isn't a walk in the park. And neither is choosing from the hundreds of options out there. A new study shows that even if you've done your research and followed the instructions, there's still a good chance you've installed it incorrectly. But you're allowed to blame your car. “Car seats themselves... Read more

Volvo Puts Baby Car Seat In The Front Seat

Volvo car seat in the front seatVolvo
Talk about turning heads. By placing a rear-facing baby car seat in the front of the vehicle, Volvo is introducing a new concept for car seat safety. The reasoning seems intuitive; it will be easier for parents to get baby in and out of the car and to keep an eye on him during the drive.... Read more