Keeping a Labor Log

woman in laborVeer
It seems, to me, that many women who've given birth can tell you the story of their labor. They can tell you how long they labored, when they knew when to go to the hospital, what their nurse's name was, when they got medication, how long they pushed for, and, of course, what time... Read more

4 Things You Should Know About Vaginal Deliveries

mom and newborn
1. There is no normal.

When I was pregnant it seemed as if I was wearing a huge sign that said, "Please tell me all about your personal experiences with having a baby." This happened to me constantly! Whether I was at work, church, the grocery store, or a public bathroom, there was always a...

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My Twins’ Birth: The Most Important Day I Won’t Remember

newborn twins
Tell us about the day we were born, I often imagine my children saying to me one day. Before my babies were born, I romanticized about the delivery and I saw myself sharing my glory story with family and friends, even writing blog posts about my birth story and speedy recovery. The truth is, it... Read more

Another Hurricane Sandy Birth Story: New Jersey Mom Delivers Baby in Her Bathroom

Abby and Stephen
It reads like a sitcom story line:  Pregnant woman gets stuck somewhere because of some crazy circumstance, goes into labor and delivers her baby on her own. But for Abby Wellington, a 34-year-old pediatrician and second-year neonatal fellow from New Jersey, this was no TV episode. Last Monday, while Hurricane Sandy took down power lines and home... Read more

Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised: New Studies Add to the Debate

What began as a religious procedure has become a highly debated topic among parents and medical professionals. For more than 20 years, the number of circumcisions per year has declined drastically. Today, 55 percent of the 2 million baby boys born each year undergo the procedure, compared to 79 percent in the 1980s. The reason... Read more

Fever During Labor? It’s Not Because of the Epidural

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Did you know you might get a fever during labor? In the past, it's been suggested that epidural analgesia (the pain meds) is what causes laboring moms to burn up, but a new study in the August issue of Anesthesiology provides some surprising insight into the cause of maternal intrapartum fever (MIF). University of... Read more

Maternal Deaths Are Declining, But Not in the US

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The number of women dying from pregnancy and childbirth has dropped 47 percent since 1990. In a report by the United nations, maternal deaths had fallen to 287,000 in 2010, while in 1990, the UN estimated about 543,000 deaths. According to The New York Times, the decline was caused by an increase in contraceptive... Read more

Post-term Babies Might Be More Likely to Develop Behavioral Problems

Photo: Getty Images / The BumpPhoto: Getty Images / The Bump
We know about the health risks associated with preterm babies, but new research has found that post-term babies (born after 42 weeks gestation) have a higher risk of behavioral and emotional problems like ADHD. According to MSNBC, researchers analyzed pregnant women in the Netherlands who were expecting from April 2002 to January 2006. The... Read more

Jessica Simpson’s a New Mom (Finally)!

Photo: Janet Mayer / PR PhotosPhoto: Janet Mayer / PR Photos
Congratulations to Jessica Simpson, who gave birth this morning in an LA hospital. She and fiance Eric Johnson are now proud parents to baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson, who weighed in at 9 pounds 13 ounces and measured 21 3/4 inches, the couple announced on Jessica's website. We've been waiting for... Read more

Childbirth Takes 2 Hours Longer Than It Did In the ‘60s

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
Pregnant women spend a lot more time in the delivery room than their counterparts did 50 years ago. According to a new study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology by the National Institutes of Health, researchers believe that changes in delivery room practice may be the cause of the increase in... Read more