Will Probiotics Solve Baby’s Colic Problem?

Baby Crying
A team of researchers led by Dr. Valerie Sung found that introducing babies to "good" bacteria may help ease colic. The study, performed at Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, took a look at previous studies and found that there's a future for probiotics, although they weren't able... Read more

The Colic Survival Guide

Photo Courtesy of MAMPhoto Courtesy of MAM
This is a sponsored blog post written by MAM. Real solutions for real parenting. Colic is tough on babies, but it can be just as tough on parents! Baby’s crying seems endless and parents feel a combination of stress over what’s causing it and frustration when they try everything, but nothing seems to work. You... Read more

Actress Sarah Chalke Shares Her Son’s Three Month Battle With Colic

When her beautiful baby boy Charlie was born on Christmas Eve in 2009, new mom (and star of the hit TV show How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life) Sarah Chalke was head over heels for her little guy. She and her fiance, Jamie Afifi, were filled with every experience... Read more

5 Tricks I Used to Soothe My Colicky Baby

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After a year of trying to conceive, enduring multiple miscarriages, and a miserable pregnancy, I thought the hardest days of becoming a mother were behind me. I was ready for the happiest time in my life. Everyone loves their new babies, right?? I had no idea what I was in for. I had a... Read more

Is This the True Cause of Colic?

Baby Crying
Any parent with a colicky baby will tell you that dealing with colic is heartbreaking, aggravating and, well, pretty much your worst nightmare. Thankfully, a recent study shed some light on a possible cause of colic among newborns. Researcher Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali from Cairo studied 55 infants of varying age,... Read more