Easy (and Kid-Friendly!), Beef Weeknight Meals

Photo: The NestPhoto: The Nest
Are you a working mom who wants some easy meals under your belt?  Are you a stay-at-home mom who doesn't have a bunch of time (or hands!) available to make dinner?  No matter your situation, we all want to have some easy meals at our disposal. Here are some meal ideas for you that are... Read more

Meals That Work for Working Moms

In many families, both parents share responsibility for making meals -- especially when both are working. In my family though, I handle the majority of our meals. When we got married, we divvied up the household tasks, and meals were one of the duties that I took on. My husband will help occasionally, but the... Read more

Tasty Thursday: Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Photo: Economy Bites / The NestPhoto: Economy Bites / The Nest
Quick – what’s your favorite food of all time? I’m willing to bet many of you (and your kids) would answer like me, macaroni and cheese. When I was a kid, I was all about the basic boxed Kraft version.  In junior high in fact, my friend and I would make a box and then... Read more