Quick Fixes for Pregnancy Cravings

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Pregnancy cravings are ruthless: they come at you fast and you've gotta have it now. A classic craving? Cookie dough. Because you Bumpies deserve the best, we selflessly took it upon ourselves to try two safe-to-eat brands, but we're leaving it up to you to judge which one's better. Edoughble Read more

8 Easy Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Have pregnancy cravings kicked your sweet tooth into high gear? Check out these eight simple treats that will hit the spot, whether you're a fan of something fruity or a sucker for a good ol' chocolate chip cookie. We'll get you started with some popsicles to beat the heat. Neo-Neapolitan Pops Makes: 6 pops Ingredients:... Read more

How to Indulge Your Sugary (and Sweet!) Pregnancy Cravings Without the Added Guilt

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Cravings are one of the most stereotyped symptoms of pregnancy, and now a new study shows that they can have real consequences. Australian researchers found that if mother rats consumed junk food while pregnant and nursing, the babies had resulting changes to their brain chemistry, leaving them more susceptible to a junk food addiction... Read more

How Pregnancy Has Turned Me Into a Crazy Person

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I found out I was pregnant on a lazy summer day in August, and things started out really well. My husband and I were excited. We had logical discussions about everything from our financial situation to painting the nursery. Then… I completely lost it. I feel badly for my husband, who is now living with... Read more