cute baby of the day

Cute Baby of the Day: Head First for Cake!

Photo Courtesy of Shannon Rensing / The BumpPhoto Courtesy of Shannon Rensing / The Bump
You do not want to get in the way of this little guy and his cake! While we wouldn't mind snacking on a slice of that deliciously sweet confection, it looks like the cake was made just for baby. So enjoy, cutie! We want to hear from you! Tweet us @TheBump using #TBcutebaby... Read more

Battle of the Babies: The Super Bowl Edition!

Why watch the game when you could scroll through this list of adorable babies supporting their favorite teams!? Even though over here in New York we're a little biased (coughGiantscough), we can still appreciate a super cute baby in a super cute jersey when we see one. Which is why we're gearing up for tonight's... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Meet This Too Cute Turtle!

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Valero / The BumpPhoto Courtesy of Vanessa Valero / The Bump
There are really no words for this. Honestly, I tried to find them ... and nothing -- absolutely nothing -- fit the bill to describe this adorable, super cute, oh-my-goodness-I-can't-handle-the-cuteness little guy. I mean come on! how creative are his parents to think up something this original?! Hats off to them! Do your cheeks hurt from... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Jax’s Snuggly Snooze!

Photo: N. Ramsey / The BumpPhoto: N. Ramsey / The Bump
If this photo doesn't make you want to reach for the closest teddy and cuddle up on the couch for a much needed nap, then I don't know what will. But apparently, Jax knows what's up when it comes to catching some shut-eye! The little guy looks so peaceful laying on top of his stuffed... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Make Way for Zoe, Future Disney Princess!

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Bracken / The BumpPhoto Courtesy of Rachel Bracken / The Bump
Somebody -- hurry! -- get this baby to Disney! This beautiful cutie looks every bit the perfect princess in her Disney "Dreams come true" top -- and we absolutely love it! The only thing missing is her handsome Prince Charming -- but we're willing to bet mom and dad aren't taking any applications yet!  ... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Smilin’ Margo!

Photo: Anne Radecki / The BumpPhoto: Anne Radecki / The Bump
Today, we're making way for one of our own. Meet Margo Elizabeth, the absolutely adorable baby girl of one of our XO staffers! Her mama just got back from maternity leave -- but from the looks of it, Margo doesn't mind! This smiley, happy beauty is too cute for words. And those cheeks!! Gah! Isn't... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Caden’s Silly for Spaghetti

Photo: Kristin Barnes / The BumpPhoto: Kristin Barnes / The Bump
Prepare yourself for the ultimate cuteness! Handsome man Caden thinks his dinner is pretty funny and judging from the mess on his highchair, it looks like this little guy had a lot of fun chowing down! We don't really mind the mess so long as this little dude keeps up that charming little smile! Isn't... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Pretty in Pearls!

Photo: Maryline Corneau / The BumpPhoto: Maryline Corneau / The Bump
Step aside, Disney Princesses -- there's a new lady in town! Adorable Émilie-Anne looks every bit the belle of the ball in her bright tutu, glossy pearls and vibrant bow headband! The only thing missing is her Prince Charming. Good luck to mom and dad, in the future because there's no doubt that they're going... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Double (Dinner) Trouble

Photo: Amelia Mularz / The BumpPhoto: Amelia Mularz / The Bump
Stop what you're doing and prepare to drool! These two little guys look so pleased with their dinner messes, don't they? Will, on the left, literally got caught with his hands in his mouth and Miles, on the right, thinks it's pretty funny. (We do too!) And they're double the trouble so that means, double... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Baby’s Contagious Smile!

Photo: Twitter / The BumpPhoto: Twitter / The Bump
Stop whatever you're doing and prepare to drool your face off at this handsome little hunk! We don't know what baby's so excited about but the look on his face has us dizzy with delight! Maybe it's milk? Maybe it's a ride in the car? Maybe it's baby's favorite toy? Whatever it is, we love... Read more