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Cute Baby of the Day: Check Out This Little Guy’s Sweet Ride

Photo: Twitter / The BumpPhoto: Twitter / The Bump
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh. I can't even handle it. This little guy decided to pick up his pug and go for a cruise in his two-door ride. I mean, there may not be anything cuter in the whole entire world. Actually, I'm pretty sure there isn't. (And if there is, don't even bother telling me about... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Check Out Baby’s Perfect Pout!

Photo: Krystal / The BumpPhoto: Krystal / The Bump
Don't lie, when you first saw this picture, you pictured this little guy saying, "But mommy! I don't wanna go!", didn't you? Truth is, we did too. But he's just SO unbelievably adorable that we couldn't say no to this handsome face! (And we're just guessing here, but we're willing to bet his mom and... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Goofy Graham

Photo: Sarah Bennett / The BumpPhoto: Sarah Bennett / The Bump
In today's most adorable news, the handsome, charming and totally hilarious baby Graham has given us something to giggle and smile about. We can't tell if he's hungry or just being a ham but this super cute little guy definitely brightened up our breezy morning! It looks like his mama and daddy certainly have their... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Baby Baylee Gets a Bath!

Photo: Darren and Amber Jones / The BumpPhoto: Darren and Amber Jones / The Bump
Make way for this squeaky clean cutie! Adorable 8-week-old baby girl Baylee Elizabeth looks very happy after her bath. Doesn't she look cute enough to eat? It's almost like she's looking at her mama like, "Ok! Let's do that again!" Matter of fact, once our offices are closed for the day, we're headed home to... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Bennett’s Funny Disguise

Photo: Twitter / The BumpPhoto: Twitter / The Bump
You guys! You have got to take a look at Bennett! This hilarious little babe is too cute not to be seen. Seriously, who doesn't love a guy with a good sense of humor? Line on up and check 'em out, ladies! Wonder what other disguises he's got hiding up his sleeve? We want to... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Austin Catches Some Serious Shut-Eye!

Photo: Devon Baverman / The BumpPhoto: Devon Baverman / The Bump
Check 'em out, ladies! Adorable baby Austin is catching up on his beauty sleep and we are just oogling away! Not to mention, the handsome 8-day-old baby boy looks like he is deep in thought even in his dreams. With dreams like these, we can't imaging what this guy thinks up during the day. Watch... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Henry Flies High!

Photo: Twitter / The BumpPhoto: Twitter / The Bump
Move over, Superman! Adorable Henry is on a one-way flight through the living room sky and he's in hot pursuit of his very own Lois Lane (who we're just going to guess is his mommy!). We can't get over how unsure Henry is about his aerial view. It looks like this is his first time... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Too Much Fun in the Tub!

Photo by Hannah J. / The BumpPhoto by Hannah J. / The Bump
Bath time never looked so fun! This adorable little babe looks like he's having the time of his life splashin' around in the tub while mom snaps away. Maybe it's all the bubbles or maybe it's the quality time with mom that's got him so excited. Whatever it is, we're 100% jealous. Just one question... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Haven Cools Off with a Big Drink!

Photo: Somedaybaby / The BumpPhoto: Somedaybaby / The Bump
Even though this frigid winter chill has us reaching for our fleece blankets, it's about time we let our minds wander to some place tropical. Having trouble? Take a hint from Haven, the adorable 18-month-old baby girl who's just chillaxin' outside on what looks like a hot summer day, sipping on some water. Even though... Read more

Cute Baby of the Day: Things Get ‘Nutty’ While Mom Looks Away!

Photo: The Southern Eclectic / The BumpPhoto: The Southern Eclectic / The Bump
When it comes to making a mess, baby is second to none. That's why when we came across this adorable baby covered head-to-toe-to-diaper in peanut butter, we couldn't help but smile and say, Bravo, baby! I mean seriously, how could ANY parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend or random onlooker be mad looking at... Read more