Diabetic Woman Makes History, Gives Birth Naturally with Artificial Pancreas

diabetic mom who gave natural birth poses with babyBBC.com
Catriona Finlayson-Wilkins, a 41-year-old new mother with Type 1 diabetes, has a lot to be excited about. Not only did she just give birth to her second child, Euan, on Tuesday, but she did so naturally after using an artificial pancreas that monitored her glucose levels and produced insulin throughout her pregnancy. The proud mom participated in a... Read more

Maternal Diabetes and Obesity Can Put Baby at Risk for Autism

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Here’s another reason to watch your nutrition during pregnancy: Moms who have diabetes or are overweight are more likely to have a child with autism. A new study published in Pediatrics by researchers affiliated with the UC Davis MIND Institute found that moms who were obese were one to two-thirds more likely to... Read more