For Dinner Tonight: Grab ‘n’ Go Cheeseburger Bites

Photo: The Nest / The BumpPhoto: The Nest / The Bump
Ohhhhhhh my gosh. Today is the day when the cheeseburger meets the CrockPot. Today, my fellow foodie friends, is the day that we clamber into our kitchens, reach for our slow cookers and dine in cheesy, tasty delight -- all without the headache! This make-ahead-meal is perfect for late Sunday afternoon, after you've had your... Read more

Healthy Dinner Recipe: Whole Wheat Linguine With Arugula and Edamame

This Whole Wheat Linguine with Arugula and Edamame recipe (from 12 Best Foods Cookbook) is the perfect easy weeknight meal. Bonus: it's vegetarian and inexpensive to whip up. >> Get the recipe on The Nest Plus, more from The Bump: Read more

Cold-Weather Dinner Recipe: Baked Tortellini

If you're craving comfort food, it doesn't get any better than Baked Tortellini. Cheese tortellini, breadcrumbs and Parmesan. Need we say more? >> Get the recipe on The Nest Plus, more from The Bump: 10 Pregnancy Superfoods Read more

Easy (and Kid-Friendly!), Chicken Weeknight Meals

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
As the primary meal-maker in my family, I love meals that are easy to prepare. Meals that are time-consuming to prepare usually only get made on the weekends. Weeknights are for easy meals! Today, I'll share some of my go-to favorites. Maybe they'll suit your family as well! The big thing that I like about many... Read more

Tasty Thursday: Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Photo: Economy Bites / The NestPhoto: Economy Bites / The Nest
Quick – what’s your favorite food of all time? I’m willing to bet many of you (and your kids) would answer like me, macaroni and cheese. When I was a kid, I was all about the basic boxed Kraft version.  In junior high in fact, my friend and I would make a box and then... Read more