Parents Honor Their Dying Daughter's End-Of-Life Choice

julanna yuriJuliannayuri.com
At 5 years old, Julianna Snow has been to the hospital enough times to know that it’s not a place she wants to return. Even if it means that it could prolong her life. So she’s asked her parents if she could go to heaven instead, and they are adhering to her wishes. Julianna has... Read more

Why Are Celebrities Tweeting About Batten Disease?

Charlotte Gray runningGray Foundation
Four-year-old Charlotte and two-year-old Gwenyth look like healthy, normal little girls. And they are, for now. But the Gray sisters both have Batten Disease, meaning their life expectancy is only six to twelve years old. They're the daughters of film producer Gordon Gray, each diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease that's both fast and fatal. While... Read more

Happy 75th Birthday, March of Dimes!

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
75 years ago today, President Franklin D. Roosevelt founded the March of Dimes in order to "lead, direct and unify" the fight against polio. Since its creation in 1938, the organization has funded more than 31 lifesaving vaccines for children. In 1955, they funded the Salk vaccine and the Sabin vaccine in 1962,... Read more