Why Cloth Diapers Aren’t as Scary as You Think They Are

cloth diapers
Hello Bumpies! I am super excited about my first guest blog post. My name is Lindsey and I’m a SAHM to my ten month old son, Harry. When I’m not chasing after him I blog over at The Accidental Wallflower. I thought I’d start out by blogging about something I’m really passionate about: cloth... Read more

Giveaway! Win Family Essentials from The Honest Company

Photo: / The BumpPhoto: / The Bump
Good news, mamas and mamas-to-be! We're giving away a one-month bundle of family essentials from The Honest Company. The package includes a one-month supply of non-toxic body care and household cleaning products for your family (including shampoo, body lotion, hand soap, healing balm, and laundry detergent). For those of... Read more

Bumpie Tip of the Week: DIY, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
After having a baby, lots of moms become extra mindful of chemicals in many cleaning products. Luckily, it’s easy (and inexpensive!) to keep baby’s clothes, toys and your home germ-free by making your own cleaning products. These eco-friendly ideas are from the moms on The Eco-Friendly Family message board. The best... Read more

Moms Are Spending Big Bucks on Baby’s Skincare

Photo: VeerPhoto: Veer
Some moms splurge more for baby’s skincare products than they do for their own beauty products! That’s because they’re paying special attention using premium baby skincare products with minimal chemicals, like natural and organic brands. According to The New York Times, reports show that sales of premium baby care in the United States have... Read more