The Bump Unveils The 'Sexiest Dads Alive'

Hot celebrity dads
Step aside, sexiest men alive! With the right haircut and tailored tux any man can be sexy, but it takes an extra special man to be a great dad. After carefully considering all of our favorite celebrity fathers, we've rounded up this year's ultimate list of Sexiest Dads Alive. (It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!)... Read more

Does Your State Support Working Dads?

Dad carrying toddler on shoulderShutterstock
If you're from Minnesota, New Hampshire or Massachusetts, congratulations; fatherhood is in your favor. Those are the three states with the highest overall rankings for dads of kids younger than 18, based on four broad factors: economic and social well being, health, work-life balance and child care. The team at WalletHub looked at... Read more

Celebrity Dads Had The Best Father's Day Ever

Kanye West reading to NorthKim Kardashian via Instagram
We knew it: Celebrity dads are big ol' softies after all. But, unsurprisingly, a lot of the credit for these fantastic Father's Day Instagrams actually goes to the moms. Just like on Mother's Day (remember the thousands of white roses Kanye sent Kim?), it was the Wests who stole the show on Sunday. Kim snapped... Read more

Celebrity Dads Get Real About Fatherhood

Ashton Kutcher dad quoteShutterstock
Not all dads kick into parent mode the minute baby arrives, but when they do, their reactions are priceless. In honor of Father's Day, we rounded up some of our favorite celebrity quotes on fatherhood. From sleepless nights to proudly showing everyone (and we mean everyone) the endless supply of adorable photos, these dads get real... Read more

New Report Paints A Portrait Of Today's New Dad

dad holding baby and smilingThinkstock
Dads want to be, and are, spending more time with their kids. That's the ultimate takeaway from this year's annual Boston College Center for Work & Family report on new dads. Aptly titled The New Dad: A Portrait of Today's Father, asked "white collar dads" about the logistics and challenges of... Read more

Dad Learns How to Do Daughter's Hair with a Little Professional Help

Hairstylist dad Greg and daughter IzzyGreg Wickherst via Facebook
Greg Wickherst was a single dad who couldn't put his two-year-old's hair in a ponytail. So he did what any resourceful parent would do: he called in a top-notch cosmetologist. Wickerherst, 39, is an admissions officer at a trader school in Pueblo, Colo. He contacted the supervisor of the cosmetology program for a little help,... Read more

Parenting According to The Guncles

Photo: Dean McDermottPhoto: Dean McDermott
You may know Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, “The Guncles,” from Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. They’re the adorably warm couple who, as the first gay parents on reality television, gave the world its first glimpse into what parenting as two dads is really like. Bill and Scout chatted with us candidly about the... Read more