Dad Learns How to Do Daughter's Hair with a Little Professional Help

Hairstylist dad Greg and daughter IzzyGreg Wickherst via Facebook
Greg Wickherst was a single dad who couldn't put his two-year-old's hair in a ponytail. So he did what any resourceful parent would do: he called in a top-notch cosmetologist. Wickerherst, 39, is an admissions officer at a trader school in Pueblo, Colo. He contacted the supervisor of the cosmetology program for a little help,... Read more

Parenting According to The Guncles

Photo: Dean McDermottPhoto: Dean McDermott
You may know Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, “The Guncles,” from Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. They’re the adorably warm couple who, as the first gay parents on reality television, gave the world its first glimpse into what parenting as two dads is really like. Bill and Scout chatted with us candidly about the... Read more