26 Or 36: When Can You Really Afford A Baby?

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With the lifetime cost of kids averaging around a quarter of a million dollars, you might wonder how anyone affords them. But if you plan it just right, is there an ideal window of time to start a family? Financial planning site LearnVest investigated the belief that waiting to have kids until you're financially stable... Read more

3 Financial Fears of First-Time Parents

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Saving up for a baby may seem like an impossible task. But with four million babies born each year in the US, parents are finding a way to make it work. They key is planning ahead. "I’ve found that first-time parents all find themselves confronting the same three financial questions," Voya financial adviser Joe O'Boyle... Read more

4 Steps to Offsetting the Cost of a Child

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The USDA recently released a report saying that the average parent will spend $245,340 raising their child from birth to age 18. That's a lot of money! But here's the good news: that number is just an average, and there are some easy ways that you can be different from that average and completely... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Raise Kids?

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The numbers are in, and the price tag of raising a family has increased once again. Remember the good old days of 2012 when the estimated cost of raising one kid was a mere $241,080? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, if you had a baby in 2013, get ready to dole... Read more

​Yikes! Being Pregnant Could Get You Denied for a Mortgage

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Thinking about making the move to a bigger home now that you've got a baby on the way? Be ready to put up a fight with your bank. Although it's absolutely illegal under the Fair Housing Act, some banks are delaying or denying loan applications when the borrower is pregnant or on maternity leave. Their reasoning? There... Read more