Toddler Says Goodbye to Garbage Man BFF

Garbage man and toddlerUSA Today via YouTube
Who knew garbage day could be so bittersweet? Two-year-old Deacon Ross just greeted his best friend, O Dee, for the last time. The two are an unlikely pairing; O Dee is the garbage man in Deacon's neighborhood. But not for much longer; Deacon's family is moving as they get ready to welcome a new baby.... Read more

Finding ‘Mommy Friends’ Is Harder Than My Full-Time Job

Photo: It's a Full Nest / The BumpPhoto: It's a Full Nest / The Bump
I'm in kind of a weird place right now and I think it's a place all moms find themselves at some point. A huge majority of the women that I know and are friends with are stay-at-home moms (especially those with young children). But since I work outside of the home, I'm surrounded by many... Read more