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‘I’m Daddy and I Know It’ Video Will Have You Thinking About Dad in a Whole New Way

dad holding babyThinkstock
Prepare to laugh your face off and then hug your own dad, the daddy of your babies, or the soon-to-be father of your bun-in-the oven. The internet sensation "I'm Daddy and I Know It" is the best that to ever happen to the Interwebs since our baby morpher. (Seriously, if you haven't tried... Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Brings Back “I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy”

Jimmy Kimmel
With Hurricane Sandy postponing Halloween for some and causing chaos for many, it seems everyone was in need of a laugh this week. Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel knows how to lighten even the darkest of moods. Famous for challenging parents to humorously torture their children, the late-night talk show host brought back a fan favorite this week. "I Told My... Read more

Baby Hates Meowing (And It’s Adorable)

Baby and Meow
What sound does a cat make? Whatever it is, this baby doesn't like it! See a 4-month-old's adorable reaction to hearing his mom meow. How does your baby react to animal noises? Plus, more from The Bump: Baby and Pet Safety Tips 5 Ways Your Pet Could Be Bad (or Good) for You... Read more