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15 Adorable Valentine’s Day Outfits for Your Little Heartbreaker

Be still my beating heart (and my credit card payments)! These sweet, lovable little outfits are absolute must-haves for baby's first Valentine's Day: How are you and baby celebrating the Day of Love? Plus, more from The Bump: 8 Hilarious Baby Onesies Most Adorable Baby Hats We've Ever Seen Read more

Study Says Women Don’t Know Much About Fertility — Test Your Knowledge!

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
Think you've got your fertility figured out? Think again! According to the latest study by Yale School of Medicine, researchers found that just about half of reproductive-aged women haven't discussed their reproductive health with their doctor (or, at the very least, a medical care provider) and roughly 30 percent had only visited with... Read more

Why Doctors Are So Worried About Birth Complications for IVF Babies

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New research released by the University of Adelaide found that the risk of serious complications at birth (such as stillbirth, preterm delivery, low birth weight and neonatal death) are twice as likely for babies conceived through assisted reproductive methods (like IVF and ICSI). For the study, researchers in Australia compared the outcomes of... Read more

Soon-to-Be Grandma’s Gift to Daughter Is the Ultimate Labor of Love

Photo Courtesy of Al Hartmann, The Salt Lake TribunePhoto Courtesy of Al Hartmann, The Salt Lake Tribune
Ready for a story that will blow the lid of your Emotion-o-Meter? In Utah, a soon to-be grandma is planning to give birth to her granddaughter. Yep, you read that right, but for reiteration's sake, I'll repeat: A soon-to-be grandmother is planning to give birth to her granddaughter. Julia Navarro is the gestational... Read more

Pretty Soon We’ll All be Giving Birth to ‘Perfect’ Babies: Here’s Why

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
A new study published by Cell Press December in the journal Cell found that a safe, accurate, low-cost method to select genetically normal embryos for IVF will soon increase a couple's chance of getting pregnant and delivering a healthy "perfect" baby. Under study author Jie Qiao of Third Hospital, Peking University found that... Read more

2013 Bumpie Best: Most Controversial Fertility News

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Welcome to our 2013 Bumpie Best countdown! We’re highlighting the most talked about, most stylish and most amazing new mom, pregnancy and fertility moments that have taken place over the past year. Wondering which celeb mama we most admired in 2013? Or which nursery trend was most loved by moms-to-be? Stay tuned, y’all! We’re rolling though the... Read more

12 Moms-to-Be Share the Most Scandalous Places They’ve Had Babymaking Sex

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“OMG! I’m ovulating… HONEY!!!!! LET’S GO, NOW!” We’ve all been there. Your brain (and body!) is 100 percent in babymaking mode… and you will do it just about anywhere. We've heard some great stories from Bumpies on the Trying to get pregnant board on the most outrageous places they've stopped to have sex. How... Read more

Scientists Create ‘Spermbots’ Because They Want to Make Getting Pregnant Easier

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Thought you'd never see the day we were using remote-controlled sperm to make a baby? Welp, that day has come, friends. Researchers in Germany say that they've created remote-controlled sperm that can help more couples conceive. The "spermbots," as they're so affectionately called, are made by catching sperm cells in nanotubes and fabricating... Read more

7 Amazing Women Share Why They Announced Their Pregnancies Before 12 Weeks

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
We know the feeling: You took the pregnancy test and saw a big, fat positive and all you wanted to do was call everyone you’ve ever met and tell them you’re expecting a little one… but hold on! You need to wait it out a bit, just to be safe. So, when should you share... Read more

Is Your Daddy-to-Be’s Diet Bad for Baby’s Health?

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
A new study led by Sarah Kimmins from McGill University found that your daddy-to-be's diet before conception may play just as big a role in baby's development as a woman's does. Yep! You heard that correctly, dudes, so pass on the fully loaded cheese fries, will ya? The research, which focused on the... Read more