Halloween Costumes

Loving Cinderella, Hoping to Avoid Skin-derella

Photo: Jon FinkelPhoto: Jon Finkel
My daughter is almost one-and-a-half and this week we enjoyed her first real Halloween. She wore her Cinderella dress and we even had the dog dressed up as her four-legged pumpkin stagecoach. The night started innocently enough: pictures, meeting up with neighbors, checking out the other little kids' costumes.... In fact, the hour or so... Read more

Celebrity Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Celebrity Kids' Costumes
Hollywood's hottest parents are known for dressing their children in designer duds. But on Halloween, they switch it up a bit -- and some of them go over the top. See how these celebrity kids dressed for Halloween! Which celebrity kid's costume is your favorite? Plus, more from The Bump: Best Halloween Costumes for... Read more

Happy Home-a-ween: How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Happy Home-a-ween
Due to Hurricane Sandy, several states along the East Coast have rescheduled Halloween. While this will keep your kids safe, it could also make them a bit upset (no kid wants to miss out on free candy). But just because they can't go out doesn't mean they can't celebrate! Throw on those costumes... Read more

DIY Halloween Costume: Charlie Chaplin

DIY_Charlie Chaplin_Hor
Last year Lori, head of Creative Services at The Bump, dressed one of her sons as comedy icon, Charlie Chaplin.  Learn how to turn your little man into a classy and comical act. What You Need: Kid's size bowler hat Kid's size black jacket and pants White button-down shirt Black shoes Faux daisy Bamboo... Read more

DIY Halloween Costume: Charlie Brown

DIY_Charlie Brown_Hor
Last year Lindsey, a Kentucky Bumpie, dressed her son as the Peanuts character Charlie Brown. Learn how to make this super easy costume (and teach your little man to say "good grief")! What You Need: Yellow shirt Black pants Black fabric paint Paint brush How to Make It: Paint black zig-zags onto the yellow shirt.... Read more

DIY Halloween Costume: Potted Flower

DIY_Potted Flower_Hor
Last year Michelle, a New York Bumpie, dressed her daughter as a flowering potted plant and, as you can see, it was adorable! Learn how to turn your girl into a flower (worthy of a photo shoot with Anne Geddes!). What You Need: Brown tights Brown tutu Green shirt or sweater Headband Faux flowers Hot glue... Read more

DIY Halloween Costume: Baby Don Draper

baby don draper costume
Last year Lori, head of Creative Services here at The Bump, dressed her son as Mad Men's Don Draper. This pop-culture costume isn't only cute, but it's easy to make too! Learn how to turn your son into a mini advertising exec. You know, without the drinking and womanizing. What You Need: Kid's size... Read more