Cutest Of The Cute: Last-Minute Halloween Inspo From Celeb Babies

Molly Sim's children's Halloween costumesMolly Sims via Instagram
Halloween is the perfect excuse for parents to showcase their craftiness. And if you were a celebrity parent, you bet you'd be taking advantage of your social media presence to show off extra hard. From Pinterest-worthy costumes to store-bought princess dresses, famous moms are already sharing their kids' Halloween photos. Let's see what tricks... Read more

Feeling Festive? Here's Some Pregnant Pumpkins Giving Birth

Birth Takes A VillageBirth Takes A Village
At The Pump and Dump: A Parentally Incorrect Comedy Show and Night Out, For Once, we love to use the term sad cake. What is are we talking about? A situation, happenstance or object that is a bit of a bummer, underwhelming and/or disappointing. Ever eaten cake that was just kind of... Read more

9 Adorable DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costume baby nerdPhoto by LoveAlwaysRM via Instagram
It's October 1 — only, dum-dum-dum, 30 more days till Halloween. If you're panicking about what your kids will be wearing to go trick-or-treating, we can help make the whole prospect a little less scary. If you're crafty, now's the perfect time to kick off that DIY costume. The payoff: your baby will have a unique... Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Brings Back “I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy”

Jimmy Kimmel
With Hurricane Sandy postponing Halloween for some and causing chaos for many, it seems everyone was in need of a laugh this week. Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel knows how to lighten even the darkest of moods. Famous for challenging parents to humorously torture their children, the late-night talk show host brought back a fan favorite this week. "I Told My... Read more

Loving Cinderella, Hoping to Avoid Skin-derella

Photo: Jon FinkelPhoto: Jon Finkel
My daughter is almost one-and-a-half and this week we enjoyed her first real Halloween. She wore her Cinderella dress and we even had the dog dressed up as her four-legged pumpkin stagecoach. The night started innocently enough: pictures, meeting up with neighbors, checking out the other little kids' costumes.... In fact, the hour or so... Read more

Celebrity Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Celebrity Kids' Costumes
Hollywood's hottest parents are known for dressing their children in designer duds. But on Halloween, they switch it up a bit -- and some of them go over the top. See how these celebrity kids dressed for Halloween! Which celebrity kid's costume is your favorite? Plus, more from The Bump: Best Halloween Costumes for... Read more

The Latest Scoop:Have a Happy, Healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloween

Happy Home-a-ween: How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Happy Home-a-ween
Due to Hurricane Sandy, several states along the East Coast have rescheduled Halloween. While this will keep your kids safe, it could also make them a bit upset (no kid wants to miss out on free candy). But just because they can't go out doesn't mean they can't celebrate! Throw on those costumes... Read more

DIY Halloween Costume: Charlie Chaplin

DIY_Charlie Chaplin_Hor
Last year Lori, head of Creative Services at The Bump, dressed one of her sons as comedy icon, Charlie Chaplin.  Learn how to turn your little man into a classy and comical act. What You Need: Kid's size bowler hat Kid's size black jacket and pants White button-down shirt Black shoes Faux daisy Bamboo... Read more

Instagram Challenge: Show Us Your Halloween Photos

instagram challenge

For our latest Instagram Challenge, we want to see your Halloween pictures -- whether you're dressing up baby or decorating your bump! The best part? One lucky Bumpie will win four tickets to her local Bring... Read more