Mom Lands On Facebook's Naughty List After Breastfeeding On Santa's Lap

Breastfeeding mom on Santa's lapFacebook
Mall Santas have stepped up their game this holiday season. One Kris Kringle posed for some sweet naptime shots rather than risk waking a sleeping baby. Another St. Nick unexpectedly started signing with a little girl who has problems verbally communicating. But a final Father Christmas is making waves for helping to facilitate... Read more

One Mom's Holiday Gifting Unleashes Internet Backlash

pile of presents under Christmas treeFacebook
A key component of typical Christmas morning magic? Waking up to a pile of presents under the tree. And one UK mom has wrapped a collection of gifts more akin to a mountain, posting a photo of around 300 wrapped presents. Our first question: How do you explain Santa's Christmas Eve sleigh ride when the presents... Read more

Celebrating Christmas, Charlie Brown Style

Charlie Brown Christmas
Good grief! A Charlie Brown Christmas turns 50 today. Somewhere between the five cents worth of life lessons from Lucy and Sally's adorable professions of (unrequited) love to Linus, we get a bonafide reminder of what the holiday season is really about: inclusion. And maybe that's the reason families have been including it in their... Read more

Sign Language Santa Stuns Mall Crowd

Santa signing with little girlYouTube
When it comes to connecting with kids, there's one man for the job: Santa Claus. Upon her first-ever meet-and-greet with Santa at the UK Cleveland Centre shopping mall, 3-year-old Mali initially struggled to communicate. "Sorry, she can't talk very well," the girl's mother told Santa. "Can she sign at all?" he responded. Sure... Read more

8 Ways We're Celebrating The Fourth Of July

Baby girl in Fourth of July swimsuitShutterstock
BBQs, bathing suits, beach trips -- some Fourth of July traditions are sacred. But what changes when you're pregnant, or when a baby's part of the picture? Red white and blue just gets a whole lot more adorable. Here's what we're up to this long weekend. We'll be getting decked out.   Read more

Make Mom Smile! 7 Great Mother's Day Gifts

georgetown cupcakes
Still scrambling around for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Or need to drop your partner a hint? Either way, we've got your back. Any mom would love to open any one of these unique gifts -- and if you bring them to her along with breakfast in bed, even better. Pretty and practical, this... Read more

Don’t Buy Baby These Easter Gifts

easter basketShutterstock

Who doesn’t love bunnies and babies? Well-meaning and excited friends and family members (and maybe even you) might be thinking about giving baby these holiday treats. It’s hard to resist, but here’s why they totally shouldn’t.

 Chocolate Bunny The March of Dimes recommends keeping baby away from sweets because they can cause tooth... Read more

The National Puppy Day Photos You Need

baby girl and puppyArtworks Tulsa Photography
On the heels (or paws) of National Love Your Pet Day, today is National Puppy Day! To celebrate round two of the cutest time of the year, we gathered some adorable photos of babies with their furry best friends. But unlike our last roundup of sleepyheads, this time they're wide awake and ready to play.... Read more

Easy Fourth of July Desserts

Happy Fourth, Bumpies! With a new baby in the house (or, more likely, on your all times) or one on the way, we understand it would be difficult to concoct some over-the-top, ridiculous dessert to celebrate the holiday. Instead of slaving over homemade crusts for some intricate, impossible-to-create pie, give yourself a break! We won't tell... Read more

Creative, Quick and Easy Easter Basket Ideas

Shutterstock / The BumpShutterstock / The Bump
Yes, Easter is only days away, and no, you shouldn't freak out if you haven't even thought about Easter baskets yet. We've got a few ideas that aren't your typical collection of Peeps and jelly beans (I think we can all agree that we don't want our kids on a full-day sugar rush) and will have... Read more