Switched at Birth: A True Story

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Over 20 years ago, two baby girls were inadvertently switched at birth, and spent their first 10 years of life completely unaware of the mishap. Nope -- this isn't about the ABC Family original series -- it's the true story of two French families, who are now taking home a combined $2.1 million in damages. Sophie... Read more

Packing a Hospital Bag — What’s Different the Second Time Around

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
One of the big things I did in preparation for my son's birth was to pack our hospital bag. I'm not sure how much time I put into packing my things into a suitcase, but I know I spent a significant amount of time on it.  With his pregnancy -- my first -- I'm... Read more

The Latest Scoop: Why Your Kid Needs to Eat Dirt

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