WomenCertified Announces Best Hospitals and Baby Brands Awards

WomenCertified / The BumpWomenCertified / The Bump
This blog post is sponsored by WomenCertified®, the collective voice of female consumers and the home of The Women’s Choice Awards WomenCertified completed its yearly, national poll of women, and the results are in! Obstetric Obstetric Hospitals were rated on multiple, in-depth criteria including a standardized survey of patients’ perspectives of hospital care reported by... Read more

Delivering in NY or NJ? The Latest on Hospitals’ Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Photo Credit: CBS NewsPhoto Credit: CBS News
This week, states along the East Coast were hit by Hurricane Sandy, causing thousands to lose electricity for days. Several of these places included hospitals in New York and New Jersey, which were forced to evacuate patients due to power outage. While some were fully functioning within a few days, others are still struggling to return to normal.... Read more

20 NICU Babies Were Safely Evacuated from NYU Hospital During Hurricane Sandy

NICU Image
As if going into preterm labor isn’t stressful enough, many new parents and their fragile new babies had to endure a mid-hurricane evacuation from the NICU when a New York City hospital lost power due to Hurricane Sandy. After its basement flooded and the backup generator failed to start, the New York University Langone... Read more