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Thanks “How I Met Your Mother,” For Keeping It Real

Photo: CBS / The BumpPhoto: CBS / The Bump
How I Met Your Mother isn't exactly the most realistic show on TV -- tonight was the second time its plot line included a bride leaving her groom at the altar (has anyone actually seen that happen in real life?) -- but I was happy it depicted going into labor more realistically than many... Read more

Style of the Week: Alyson Hannigan

Photo: CBS / Seraphine / The BumpPhoto: CBS / Seraphine / The Bump
Last week on How I Met Your Mother, Lily -- played by Alyson Hannigan, who's pregnant in real life too -- wore an adorable fuchsia maternity dress we think is perfect for work or a baby shower. Plus, it's bright and springy actually looks pretty comfy too. Want to know where you can find it?... Read more