How Australia Is Cracking Down On Anti-Vaxxers

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UPDATE: Australian legislation requiring parents to vaccinate their kids in order to receive childcare benefits and tax exemptions passed the Senate today. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that starting January 1, 2016, "conscientious objectors" to immunization will no longer receive childcare payments or the end-of-the-year supplement in their family tax benefits. The crackdown on... Read more

Viral Video Of Baby With Whooping Cough Makes A Case For Vaccinations

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One mom is making quite the convincing case for vaccinations, sharing a video of 4-month-old Austin suffering from a bout of Pertussis, aka whooping cough. In Rebecca Harreman's video, her teary, red-faced son is badly coughing and wheezing, and has been for more than a month. But, as she explains in the video, this is a... Read more

1 In 5 Pediatricians Dismiss Families For Refusing Vaccines

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Immunizations are often a touchy subject, sparking debate in spite of the American Academy of Pediatric's advisory that all children be vaccinated. And that touchiness is causing about 20 percent of pediatricians to drop their patients. A team of researchers from the University of Colorado Medical School surveyed over 800 physicians from across the country,... Read more

These Vaccines Are Now Required For Kids Going Back To School In NY

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New backpack, new sneakers and a fresh batch of school supplies -- what's missing from your child's back-to-school list? Based on new guidelines from the New York State Department of Health, vaccinations might be the answer. As of Sept. 1, an amended vaccine schedule is in place for all children in New York... Read more

Are Needle-Free Vaccines In Sight?

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You know it's necessary, but watching baby get poked and prodded can be the toughest part about having her vaccinated. New research from Japan might be able to alleviate your pain, both mental and physical. A team from Osaka University created a dissolvable patch to administer flu vaccines. Tiny (painless) microneedles in the patch penetrate... Read more

One Year Later, Parents' Vaccine Views Are Changing

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Vaccines have taken center stage in the United States this year -- and the more headlines they make, the more parents support them, says a national poll. The National Poll on Children's Health, released by the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, asked parents across the United States how their views of vaccinations have changed from 2014... Read more

Vaccines Now Required By Law In California

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A California bill aimed at forcing parents to vaccinate their children has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. Bill SB277, which saw a 25-10 victory in the state senate and cleared the state assembly 46-30, prohibits parents from not vaccinating kids for religious or philosophic beliefs (medical exemptions can still be made). This... Read more

Physicians Fail To Persuade Parents To Vaccinate, Study Finds

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Communication between doctors and parents is essential, but it might not be effective at making change. In light of the resurgence of the vaccine controversy tied to last year's measles outbreak, public health professionals are trying harder than ever to get moree parents on board with immunizations. But studies show educating parents... Read more

A Doctor Explains What the Rubella Eradication Really Means

Last week, we learned rubella has been eradicated in the Americas. We know what you're thinking: So what? Measles was technically eradicated too. So we decided to learn a little bit more about what this means for you and for baby. First of all, what is rubella? Known as the German measles, rubella manifests... Read more

Vaccinations: What Baby Will Need

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We know it’s painful to watch baby get poked and even worse to hear the inevitable crying, but immunizations are crucial for their health. If baby is extremely sick, then your pediatrician will probably modify the immunization schedule. Otherwise, baby should get vaccinated on a regular basis. Though some children do suffer from mild reactions... Read more