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Celebrity Kids’ Fashion: Get Their Looks for Less ($16 and Under!)

Photos: Wire ImagePhotos: Wire Image
Celeb babies and kids always seem to look so stylish when they're snapped by the paparazzi, but you don't need pricey designer baby clothes to put together a cute look. What might help, though, is a consignment shop, where you can find discounted, gently used brand-name baby clothes. Case in point: On consignment... Read more

Get the Look: Jessica Alba’s Chic Diaper Bag

Photo: Courtesy of the ManufacturerPhoto: Courtesy of the Manufacturer
All diaper bags are ugly and embarrassing right? Nope! Evidence is the photo above of the lovely Jessica Alba (with not a child in sight) wearing a cute, designer handbag that (gasp) is actually a diaper bag. Want to know who where to get this stylish tote? It's the timi & leslie Charlie... Read more

What’s Your Celebrity Mom Style?

Photo: Thinkstock / The Bump
What's your celebrity mom style? Follow these steps to find out! For more style inspiration, follow The Bump on Pinterest. Tell us in the comments below: Who is your style icon? Which other celeb moms should we have included? Read more