Watch This Mom Use An Exercise Ball To Induce Labor

exercise balliStock
Whether it’s performing the “Thriller” dance or busting out the “Tootsie Roll,” moms-to-be have no problem dancing to the beat when they are anxious to meet their babies, performing some some tried-and-true dance moves in efforts to induce labor. But at 41.5 weeks pregnant, one UK woman opted for a method with... Read more

How Baked By Melissa's Founder Is Handling Nerves About Labor and First-Time Motherhood

melissa ben ishay of baked by melissaBaked by Melissa
Melissa Ben-Ishay is the President and Chief Product Officer of the New York City-based dessert company Baked by Melissa. When Ben-Ishay was fired from her job in advertising in 2008, she decided to do what she loved—to offer consumers the ultimate dessert experience. With the idea that people should be able to taste more... Read more

Uber Driver Refuses Woman In Labor, Still Charges $13

pregnant woman using smartphoneShutterstock
When you experience those signs of labor that indicate it’s time to go to the hospital, you don’t really care how you get there–as long as you arrive safely and quickly, which for many parents-to-be in urban cities, means relying on car services and public transportation. But it took two attempts through Uber before David Lee,... Read more

NBA’s Iman Shumpert Helped Deliver His Daughter In Bathroom

shumpert babyInstagram via @teyanataylor
We’ve written about some pretty crazy labor and delivery stories, many involving the parents-to-be speeding to the hospital in the car as the mom is battling contractions, only to welcome a new passenger along the way. But in this case, going to the hospital wasn’t an option. NBA player Iman Shumpert’s helped deliver... Read more

Watch One Family's Incredibly Moving Birth Story

Birth-Photos-Sibling-Meeting-Baby-1Marysol Blomerus
When mom Michelle found out that she was pregnant with her second child in two years, one of the first people she told was Marysol Blomerus, the Cape Town photographer that documented her first son Aiden’s arrival via emergency c-section, in hopes that she would be available again. Like with her first birth, Michelle... Read more

Labor In Transit: Babies Who Couldn’t Wait

mom-curbside-birthAngela Ciao
Even if you map out a detailed birth plan, baby may decide to take labor in a different direction. You’ve likely read about the mom who safely delivered a newborn girl under the bright lights in the Big Apple last August. After experiencing contractions in the middle of the night, Marwa Abdrabo headed to the hospital... Read more

Preventing Preterm Labor With Light Therapy

woman wearing labor gogglesMedical XPress
Researcher James Olcese, PhD has officially gotten the green light on his solution for preventing preterm labor: light goggles. Olcese, an associate professor at Florida State University College of Medicine, realized that many women go into preterm labor at night, when the brain hormone melatonin is at its peak. So after winning a $35,000... Read more

Overdue? Natural Methods to Induce Labor

Kate Middleton PregnantGetty
Now that Duchess Kate’s rumored due date has come and gone, and Prince William is nearly a week into his paternity leave (Kate’s last public appearance before giving birth was March 27), all eyes are on the #GreatKateWait for royal baby no. 2’s birth announcement via Twitter. Several reports say she’ll be induced, which is... Read more

World Doula Week: 5 Reasons to Consider a Labor Coach

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
It's the final day of World Doula Week! What's a doula? How can she improve your birthing experience? An actual doula weighs in. 'Doula' is a Greek term for 'slave', which was appropriated to describe the women who lend themselves to serve birthing mothers. I use the term birth coach since most people understand what that... Read more

Can 'Thriller' Induce Labor? One Pregnant Woman Finds Out

Pregnant woman holding her bellyGetty
Spicy foods, long walks, castor oil...the list of supposed natural labor induction methods goes on and on. But one mom-to-be decided a little Michael Jackson might move things along. In a matching sports bra and sweatpants getup, Bonnie Northsea, 32, posted her "Thriller" rendition on Facebook. "Someone told me 'Thriller' would induce labor. Here I am on... Read more