Mommy Wars

Confession: Facebook Made Me Feel Inferior on Mother’s Day

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
Did you all have a happy Mother’s Day? Mine was pretty good: pancakes and handmade cards and sticky hugs, followed by all the usual sibling squabbles, house-trashing and running out of milk and patience. Life with little ones isn’t exactly a day at the spa, you know? But I didn’t think much of it until... Read more

Moms Should Learn to Trust, Not Bully, Each Other

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
After becoming a mom this past September, I was unpleasantly startled to find that there is a lot of drama out there in the world of moms. Whether it is between the boob or the bottle, bed-sharing or cry-it-out, the battles go on and on. It's exhausting. Can we even coexist amidst all of... Read more

7 Secrets All Mamas Need to Survive the Mommy Bullies

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Do you ever feel like you are behind on topics other mommies know all about? Feel like the only frumpy mom at carpool? Do you feel like every time you get together with friends they are always telling you what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t? Is there such thing as a mommy... Read more

How to Win When It Comes to ‘Mommy Wars’

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Imagine this scenario. You're sitting at the park with your friend, watching your children play.  The topic of spanking children comes up in the conversation.  Your friend expresses her opinions on the topic, which vastly differ from yours - and then she asks for your thoughts. How do you navigate this conversation?  Do you tell... Read more