Diner Owner Deems Toddlers 'Satanic' In Facebook Rant

toddler eating in high chairShutterstock
A San Francisco diner owner is on the defense after a Facebook rant deeming toddlers 'satanic.' Jennifer Bennett Piallat, owner of Zazie, tells ABC7 news the whole thing is a misunderstanding. She says her Facebook post wasn't even referring to kids in her restaurant, but to those in a local sushi joint. But when... Read more

Identical Twin Brothers Born 18 Days Apart (UPDATE)

pregnant mom looking at delivered baby in incubatorHolli Gorveatt
Some twins do everything together. But this Kirkland, Washington duo is already setting a different precedent. One teeny twin was born four months early at 1 lb., 2 oz. His identical brother? Born 18 days later, and slightly heavier, at 1lb. 10 oz. Big brother Link, who was born at EvergreenHealth Medical Center on Sept. 29, arrived at... Read more

Dad Has No Idea He Ran Over His Toddler

UK family with dad who ran over toddler sonJamie Ellison via Facebook
Imagine coming home to find paramedics treating your toddler. Imagine later finding out you caused the injuries. That was the case for one UK dad, who inadvertently -- and unknowingly -- backed over his 15-month-old son AJ while taking his daughters to school. As he returned to his Gloucestershire home, an angry and confused Jamie... Read more

Watch Officer Smash Car Window To Rescue Toddler From Hot Minivan

Police officer rescuing toddler from hot carRafael Rodriguez II
By the time New Jersey's Bergen County Sheriff’s officer Rich Carrion found the little girl locked in a hot car yesterday afternoon, she was already drenched in sweat. A crowd had gathered around the minivan in the Costco parking lot and a store employee alerted police, leading to the dramatic rescue caught on video. Carrion used... Read more

Aw! Preemie Steals the Show at His Parents' Hospital Wedding

Nelsons wed in NICU alongside premature son.TODAY via Nelson family
At 11 weeks old and weighing in at a little over six pounds, JJ Nelson may be the littlest ring bearer ever. The preemie was dressed up in a tuxedo onesie Tuesday to celebrate the marriage of his parents, Kristi and Justin Nelson. And since JJ is still in the NICU at Cook Children’s Medical Center... Read more

Gerber Sued Over Allergy Claims

Gerber Good Start Gentle FormulaGerber
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today they're suing baby food giant Gerber for claiming that its Good Start Gentle formula can prevent or reduce allergies in children. The filed complaint says Gerber misled consumers by claiming to be the first formula to meet government approval for reducing allergies. While the FTC wants Gerber to... Read more

Pregnant? Here's Why You Need the Flu Shot

Pregnant woman holding her bellyGetty
Now that you're pregnant, you're hyperaware of everything that's going into your body. From tuna to Tylenol, you're second-guessing everything. But a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you shouldn't think twice about a flu shot. The March of Dimes backs the report,... Read more

How You Can Help Baby Learn New Words: Report

Hoping to add a few words beyond  "mama" and "dada" to baby's repertoire? A new study from the University of Missouri is pinpointing when and how to introduce new vocabulary to babies and toddlers. Unsurprisingly, as babies get older, they get better at understanding the meaning of words. "We found that babies’ abilities to accurately... Read more

The Japanese Pampers Ad That’ll Make You Tear Up

Turn on those subtitles -- you're not gonna want to miss this one. A Japanese Pampers campaign is giving moms their due for surviving those first 12 months, a whirlwind of milestones, checkups and, yep, worries. So when it's time to celebrate his first birthday, it's also time to breathe: You made it! In the ad, moms... Read more

This Dad Supports Breastfeeding Moms In ​a Hilarious Way

Jason GreeneJason Greene
Moms are pretty good about supporting other moms when it comes to things like breastfeeding, but dads -- not to mention kids -- probably don't quite understand your trials and tribulations. Enter Jason Greene. On his blog OneGoodDad, he really hits the nail on the head for breastfeeding awareness. And he gets his older kids... Read more