Hospital Throws Leukemia Patient, 4, Dream Wedding

Abby 'marries' her favorite nurse, MattFacebook
Here's proof that you only need 12 hours to plan the perfect wedding. Earlier this week, Matt Hickling, a nurse at the Melodies Center at the Albany Medical Center, got word that one of his usual patients was coming into the clinic. But 4 year old Abby, who has Leukemia, had more than just treatment on her... Read more

What Moms Think Of Target's Breastfeeding Policy

Breastfeeding symbol for target nurse-inTarget Nurse-In
Have you seen Target's updated breastfeeding policy? The store's clear support for nursing moms has us feeling pretty excited. The policy gained attention after nursing support group Breastfeeding Mama Talk posted an image from Target's employee handbook on its Facebook page. Here's what the policy reads: Guests may openly breastfeed in our stores or ask where... Read more

Pumping On A Business Trip? IBM Has You Covered

handheld breast pumps and bottlesShutterstock
Big news from Big Blue: IBM plans to launch a new service to ship breast milk from moms traveling on business trips home to their babies. Like several other companies, IBM is seeking to improve its female retention rates (although the corporation has seen a 562 percent increase in the number of women executives since... Read more

How Charging To See Preemies Kept Them Alive

Feet of a premature babyShutterstock
Twenty five cents. That's how much it cost to see the tiny, premature babies Dr. Martin Couney exhibited at a Coney Island sideshow. Beginning in 1896, Couney showcased preemies at world fairs and amusement parks. Like a bearded lady or contortionist, preemies were there to be gawked at. But Couney's exhibits had a higher purpose --... Read more

Pregnant Mom Of Two Battles Inoperable Brain Tumor

Herbert family YouCaring pageYouCaring
Pregnancy headaches are common. Annoying, for sure, but generally nothing to worry about. That's what Jessica Herbert reminded herself during her third pregnancy. But one night, things got serious. "In early March, while I was sleeping, I had a seizure and started foaming at the mouth," Herbert, 30, tells PEOPLE. "My husband... Read more

Volvo Puts Baby Car Seat In The Front Seat

Volvo car seat in the front seatVolvo
Talk about turning heads. By placing a rear-facing baby car seat in the front of the vehicle, Volvo is introducing a new concept for car seat safety. The reasoning seems intuitive; it will be easier for parents to get baby in and out of the car and to keep an eye on him during the drive.... Read more

Asbestos Investigation: The Brands You Need To Avoid

Yikes! Several children's products -- crayons and toy crime scene fingerprint kits -- were found to contain asbestos. You know that's not good, but why, exactly? Asbestos -- a naturally-occuring mineral fiber previously used in things like building materials  -- contains fibers that can be lodged in the lungs for a long time after inhaled. That... Read more

Company Asks Female Employees To Schedule Their Pregnancies (No Joke)

pregnant woman at workVeer
Unsurprisingly, since this is The Bump, after all, it seems like everyone in our office is pregnant. And luckily, that's totally fine. That's not the case for one Chinese firm, who instructed female employees to schedule their pregnancies. The credit union in Jiaozuo, Henan, reportedly announced the policy via email. "Only married female workers who... Read more

US Navy Triples Maternity Leave To 18 Paid Weeks

American flag over waterThinkstock
Our government may not have beefed up the federal maternity leave policy just yet, but our military is paving the way, tripling the amount of paid leave previously offered to female sailors and marines. During a speech at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in May, US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus unveiled a proposal that... Read more

Autism May Be Diagnosed Early By Sense Of Smell

Child smelling flowersShutterstock
We recently told you that tracking an infant's eye patterns can help detect autism earlier. But a new study is relying on a different sense for early detection: smell. A simple sniff test accurately determined whether or not a toddler had autism spectrum disorder (ASD) 81 percent of the time. Researchers noticed that... Read more