Elmo Gets a Lesson in Vaccinations

Elmo and Surgeon GeneralUS Department of Health and Human Services
Thanks to Sesame Street, the newest vaccination message is irrefutably adorable. Elmo teamed up with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy for a lesson in immunizations. The video, produced by the Daily Dot and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, features Dr. Murthy educating Elmo on the importance of vaccines. Murthy describes how vaccines work, comparing their... Read more

You Can Now Post Breastfeeding Photos on Instagram (!!)

breastfeeding outdoors
Big news: Instagram has officially updated its terms of use to permit breastfeeding photos. Who do we have to thank for this innovation? By and large, celebrities. Women like Gisele Bundchen, Alanis Morissette, and of course, Alyssa Milano have been proudly posting their breastfeeding photos all year. And you know what? We'll give... Read more

4 Minute Delivery, 5 Baby Girls

quintuplet parentsPR Newswire/The Women's Hospital of Texas
Ready for a heavy helping of girl power? A Texas couple welcomed five baby girls last week, and those babies claimed the title of first-ever all-girl quintuplets in the United States. Born via c-section at 28 weeks, the quints were rapidly delivered in four minutes. Mom and dad Danielle and Adam Busby are already parents to three-year-old... Read more

Hillary for President? Not on this Kid's Watch!

Hillary ClintonShutterstock
To be fair, most toddlers probably didn't watch Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy announcement video. But Zeke did, and he's not happy about it. In the midst of a blubbering tantrum, we can make out a few of the toddler's phrases, thanks to a video his family uploaded to Facebook. "I want to run... Read more

Pregnant with Quadruplets at 65: Annegret Raunigk Defends Her Decision

Annegret RaunigkPatrick Lux/EPA
Her youngest daughter, age nine, wanted a little sibling. So Annegret Raunigk dutifully complied. Here's the thing: She's 65. And thanks to IVF, nine-year-old Leila won't be getting just one younger sibling, she's getting four. During an interview last night on German television channel RTL, Leila said she had only wanted one new baby in the... Read more

South Africa's Coolest DJ is 2 Years Old

two-year-old DJAP
The house music scene has a new it-DJ, but you won't be able to see him at the club. Because he is two. Two years old. Oratilwe Hlongwane, known as DJ AJ, is drawing a massive following for his uncanny ability to work the DJ deck and laptop. While he can't talk yet and... Read more

Can't Agree on a Name? Ask the Internet

baby boy with name tagsGetty
Nicholas and Kseniya Soukeras have very different visions for their baby's name. His choice? Spyridon, his father's name, and a nod to his Greek heritage. Hers? Michael. So Nicholas is asking the good people of the Internet for help backing his pick at The petition is drafted with the language of a seasoned arbiter, and... Read more

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Welcome Baby Boy

Jessica Biel baby announcement
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are the proud first-time parents to a baby boy! The power couple welcomed baby Silas Randall, their reps confirmed to PEOPLE. While we might not miss those maternity overalls, we'll miss tracking Biel's baby bump -- the actress certainly didn't let pregnancy slow her down. She continued to film her latest movie, The Devil and... Read more

Woman Wakes Up From Coma to Learn She's a Mom

Sharista GilesFacebook
Imagine missing out on your baby's birth entirely. (Sound preferable? Don't be scared, we can calm your labor and delivery fears.) That was the reality for 20-year-old Sharista Giles, whose son was delivered while she was in a coma. After a December car crash, the 5-month-pregnant mom-to-be slipped into a coma. In January,... Read more

Better Tools to Predict IVF Success

fertilized embryo
In vitro fertilization can be a rocky road, and it's helpful to know your odds when you start trying to conceive. There are plenty of online tools out there to help you calculate your chances of success, but nothing as accurate as the new IVFpredict tool out of the UK. This new online model takes... Read more