Mom Gives Birth on the Same Day as Kate Middleton -- Twice

Monika TanoYouTube
In the latest royal baby news, one Birmingham, England woman's motherhood experience is paralleling Duchess Kate Middleton's. Monika Tano welcomed her first daughter on July 22, 2013, the same day Prince George was born. And she recently gave birth to another baby girl, who shares a May 2 birthday with Princess Charlotte.... Read more

Why Premature Girls Do Better Than Boys

Premature baby with tubesGetty
We're not necessarily saying girls rule, boys drool, but a new study finds that preemie girls are beating boys to some important early skills. After analyzing 2,700 preterm infants in level III NICUs born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, Loyola University Medical Center researchers pinpointed exactly when preemies can feed on their own. On average,... Read more

Baby's First Apple Watch

baby's heartbeat on apple watchYouTube
On the fence about whether or not you should get the Apple Watch? One family found an adorable way to put it to use. This couple used the heart rate sensor on the Sports Watch ($349) to track and share their newborn's heartbeat with family members who couldn't be there for the birth. Not a bad alternative to a Read more

A Doctor Explains What the Rubella Eradication Really Means

Last week, we learned rubella has been eradicated in the Americas. We know what you're thinking: So what? Measles was technically eradicated too. So we decided to learn a little bit more about what this means for you and for baby. First of all, what is rubella? Known as the German measles, rubella manifests... Read more

Your Neighborhood Can Determine Baby's Life Expectancy

You want baby to live a long and happy life. And a few miles can make all the difference, according to a series of maps released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and Virginia Commonwealth University. The nonprofit organization researched average life expectancies by neighborhood in a number of US cities. The title of the project, "Short Distances to Large... Read more

6-Year-Old Audrey is Dancing for a Cure

Audrey NetheryFacebook
Meet Audrey, the six-year-old with better dance moves than you. The Kentucky native really shines in the Zumba circuit. But don't take our word for it, watch the video: Pretty impressive. But it's the motive behind Audrey's moves that's garnered the video nearly 16 million views. Audrey was born with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a rare blood... Read more

Screen Time Starts Early, Study Finds

baby on tabletShutterstock
Forget walking and talking; the mobile media milestone comes first for many babies. According to a new study presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, 36 percent of babies have used a touch screen or scrolling screen device before their first birthday. And that's not all these smart babies are capable of doing:... Read more

Colorado Mom Scolded for Packing Oreos in Lunchbox

One Colorado preschool has high standards for what goes into kids' lunchboxes. Think Oreos made the cut? Nope. When four-year-old Natalee Pearson went home last Friday, the package of Oreos her mom packed for her remained unopened in her lunchbox. And the Children's Academy in Aurora, Colo. also sent home a note for mom: Dear... Read more

Why Millennials Have the Lowest Birth Rates Ever

Remember that economic recession from 2007-2009? Blame it for declining birth rates among millennials. A new report says it isn't career ambitions or innovations like egg freezing that make millennial women (women in their twenties) the slowest generation to have kids in US history; it's financial hardship. Financial hardship “causes young women who aren’t worried... Read more

Big News for Women on Wall Street

woman typing on laptopShutterstock
New moms on Wall Street: You're getting an extra four weeks of fully-paid maternity leave! That may be a sweeping statement. But the world’s largest private equity firm, Blackstone Group, is extending its maternity leave benefits from 12 weeks at full pay to 16 weeks in an attempt to appeal to more women. “The financial services... Read more