Company Asks Female Employees To Schedule Their Pregnancies (No Joke)

pregnant woman at workVeer
Unsurprisingly, since this is The Bump, after all, it seems like everyone in our office is pregnant. And luckily, that's totally fine. That's not the case for one Chinese firm, who instructed female employees to schedule their pregnancies. The credit union in Jiaozuo, Henan, reportedly announced the policy via email. "Only married female workers who... Read more

US Navy Triples Maternity Leave To 18 Paid Weeks

American flag over waterThinkstock
Our government may not have beefed up the federal maternity leave policy just yet, but our military is paving the way, tripling the amount of paid leave previously offered to female sailors and marines. During a speech at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in May, US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus unveiled a proposal that... Read more

Autism May Be Diagnosed Early By Sense Of Smell

Child smelling flowersShutterstock
We recently told you that tracking an infant's eye patterns can help detect autism earlier. But a new study is relying on a different sense for early detection: smell. A simple sniff test accurately determined whether or not a toddler had autism spectrum disorder (ASD) 81 percent of the time. Researchers noticed that... Read more

New App Helps Locate Clean Public Bathrooms

Looie bathroomLooie
When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. Especially when you’re pregnant. And now, there’s an app for that: A new start-up aims to give busy city dwellers access to clean and sanitary restrooms for whenever the urge strikes. Looie, set to launch in New York City’s family-friendly Tribeca neighborhood later this month,... Read more

Behind The Scenes Of A Conjoined Twin Separation Surgery

Conjoined twin surgeryDuke Medical Center
At 18 weeks pregnant, Vanessa Covington received some scary news: Her twin boys were conjoined from their breast bone to their belly button, sharing a liver. But 18 weeks was early enough to prepare. Several months -- and surgical dress rehearsals -- later, her sons Josiah and Aryan have headed home, unattached. The team of medical professionals... Read more

Vaccines Now Required By Law In California

closeup of a vaccineShutterstock
A California bill aimed at forcing parents to vaccinate their children has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. Bill SB277, which saw a 25-10 victory in the state senate and cleared the state assembly 46-30, prohibits parents from not vaccinating kids for religious or philosophic beliefs (medical exemptions can still be made). This... Read more

Watch This 20-Month-Old Toddler Rock Climb

Baby Ellie Farmer climbing a rock wallFacebook
She's not even two, but she can probably scale a wall more strategically than you. Meet Ellie Farmer, the 20-month-old rock climber. While videos of the bouldering toddler have recently gone viral, her talent is nothing new; Ellie scaled her first wall at 8 months old. "She's really been part of the climbing community... Read more

Tattooed Mom Banned From Breastfeeding Gets The Go-Ahead

Mom with tattoo kissing babyGetty
The decision from an Australian Federal Circuit Court judge to ban a recently-tattooed mother from breastfeeding has been overturned. Perhaps because personal opinions and Internet research made his decision. Citing faulty evidence, a Family Court unanimously threw out the injunction today, which had prevented the mother from breastfeeding her 11 month old baby because of HIV risks... Read more

Traveling Toy Tiger Makes His Way Home

A stuffed animal tiger in the air traffic control room of Tampa International AirportTampa International Airport via Facebook
When your child loses his stuffed animal, you'll travel to the end of the earth to find it and make the crying stop. But in this case, Hobbes the tiger did the traveling himself. Six-year-old Owen accidentally left the stuffed tiger behind at Tampa International Airport when his family was traveling to Houston earlier this month. Mom immediately... Read more

Meet The Star Of Johnson's Baby Bath Wash Commercial

Marla Brock in baby bath commercialJohnson's
It takes just 30 seconds to see why Monterey Zembik has become such a sensation. The 3 month old is the new face of Johnson's baby wash, and her adorable slow motion commercial will have you begging for a bubble bath. Monterey is one of two babies representing Johnson's "So Much More" campaign, which is running... Read more