'Bun In The Oven' Baby In Critical Condition After Premature Delivery

Arkell & Dana's Baby BunFacebook
The Graves family is asking for just one thing from their followers: prayers. One week after an emergency c-section, the mother from the viral 'bun in the oven' pregnancy video, Dana Griffin-Graves, is in stable condition, while her new baby boy, Kaleb, remains in critical condition. The couple updated their Facebook page as soon... Read more

Time to #EndMommyWars? A Review of Similac's New Video

Similac #EndMommyWars AdSimilac
Jessica Shortall is a working mom with a career dedicated to the intersection of business and doing good. As the former Director of Giving for TOMS Shoes, she literally circumnavigated the globe with a breast pump, and now she's here to give you advice for dealing with the challenges of being a working and pumping... Read more

3-Year-Old Open-Heart Surgery Survivor Crowned Homecoming Queen

homecoming queen toddler AviFOX
When Denver, Colorado's Manual High School decided to crown a 3 year old their homecoming queen, they worried all the festivities might overwhelm her. But like a true royal, Avelynn handled the coronation with grace and poise. “She was smiling at the players, pointing to her framed picture, and just seemed to be basking in the special... Read more

UPDATE: Baby Girl's 'Inoperable' Brain Tumor Removed

Baby Abigail, who is thriving after her brain tumor was removed.8.08 Photography
A month ago, the outlook was grim for baby Abigail. The then one-month-old was born with Down syndrome and a rare tumor, thought to be a type of cancerous teratoma, that was replacing her brain tissue. After learning the tumor was too aggressive for treatment and that it would likely grow back after removal, the Jones family... Read more

After Head Is Reattached To Spine, Toddler Learns To Walk Again

Toddler kicking a ball after spinal surgery7 News Melbourne via Facebook
Baby's first steps are a huge milestone. And they're even more monumental after surviving a spine-severing, life-threatening car accident. Australia-native Jaxon Taylor, just 16 months old, was riding in a car with his mother and big sister last month when they experienced a head-on collision. The 70 mph accident tore his upper vertebrae, meaning his... Read more

Working Motherhood: Now With Pooper Scoopers!

service animal relief area airportTwitter
This week, a woman flying from Boston to DC was told by a United Airlines employee to pump breastmilk in the airport's pet relief area. “She said you can go to the bathroom. And I said the bathroom is not sanitary,” said the woman, Liz Meagher Cooper. “She said we also have a... Read more

‘The Mindy Project’ Gets Real On Breastfeeding In Public

Mindy Kaling breastfeeding on the subway on 'The Mindy Project'NBC Universal
Motherhood is often represented on television, but breastfeeding? Not as frequently, and not always in realistic ways that call attention to struggles real moms face. When The Mindy Project decided to have Mindy Kaling’s character Dr. Mindy Lahiri become pregnant last season, they committed to a tough task: portraying motherhood. But rather than taking this new... Read more

Grandfather’s Treehouse Takes DIY To New Heights

elaborate treehouseThe Sun Chronicle via Mike George
Attleboro, Massachusetts contractor Jay Hewitt has certainly “branched” out from the everyday DIY projects and hacks we’ve seen trending these days. This grandfather has designed and built a mind-blowing three-story, 780-square-foot treehouse for his 5-year-old grandson and 4-year-old granddaughter. Hewitt says that before his grandkids, Jacob and Kayla, were born, he knew he wanted... Read more

Washington DC Wants To Set The Example For Paid Parental Leave

Washington DC US CapitolShutterstock
The nation’s capital wants to set an example for the rest of the country: four months of paid sick and family leave for all residents. Today, legislators introduced a bill that would make Washington DC the first city in the US to offer this type of leave. And their proposal goes well beyond... Read more

New Army Breastfeeding Policy Balances 'Needs Of Mother With Needs Of Mission'

Army moms breastfeeding in uniformTara Ruby
Army moms know how to fight -- and win -- a battle. While the intention of the Fort Bliss soldiers who posed for a photo while breastfeeding their babies in full uniform was intended to normalize breastfeeding, the aftermath had even more tangible results. Effective immediately, the army has issued a service-wide breastfeeding policy,... Read more