Study Links BPA Exposure to Autism

baby with bottleShutterstock
For the first time, researchers have found a link between BPA and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in kids. Researchers from Rowan University and Rutgers University found that bisphenol-A (BPA), a plasticizer commonly used in consumer food and drink containers, isn't easily metabolized by kids with autism. "It has been suspected for a lot of years... Read more

We 'Spring Forward' This Weekend! How to Prep Baby (and Prevent Crankiness)

sleeping babyVeer
Consider this your warning: in most places in the country, we begin Daylight Saving Time in the wee hours Sunday morning. And that, of course, means moving your clock one hour forward before you go to bed Saturday night. For most people, this simply means one hour less sleep, but for a sleep-deprived new mom,... Read more

British Journalist Not Sorry for 'Fat-Shaming' Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson red dressGetty
Katie Hopkins is unapologetic and Kelly Clarkson is unfazed. After new-mom Clarkson appeared on The Graham Norton Show last month, British TV personality Katie Hopkins decided to make a few observations about her weight on Twitter. Ouch. Keep in mind Hopkins is notoriously regarded as "Britain's meanest woman." And fat-shaming has always... Read more

New #LeanInTogether Campaign Supports Gender Equality Movement

lebron james lean in togetherlebron james
Two years after Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg released her best-seller Lean In and launched a movement for women to embrace their workplace ambitions, her organization has a new initiative: getting men to “lean in” too. Sandberg announced the “Lean In Together” campaign earlier this week, partnering with ESPN, the NBA and the WNBA... Read more

Iowa Mom Pregnant with Rare Set of Twins

twins holding handsThinkstock
Everyday, expectant Iowa mom Amanda Kuhl gets to hear her twins' heartbeats. While most moms-to-be would jump at this chance for early bonding with baby, Kuhl's situation is high-risk and rare. Kuhl is being hospitalized for eight weeks to ensure her monoamniotic twins are healthy when they're delivered via c-section at 32 weeks. While most identical twins... Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Tweets from Anti-Vaxxers (VIDEO)

Jimmy KimmelABC
If we learned one thing this week, it's that Jimmy Kimmel is pro-vaccinations. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host, whose 8-month-old daughter just received a booster shot, created a PSA with frustrated doctors. The funny -- but sincere -- bit aired last week. “Remember the time you got Polio? No, you don’t, because your parents got... Read more

Taylor Swift Fulfills 4-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Final Wish

Taylor Swift in redGetty
Besides being a mega-famous singer-songwriter and social media queen, Taylor Swift is a total natural with little ones. Four-year-old terminal cancer patient Jalene Salinas was nearly finished with her bucket list, but had one final wish: to dance with Taylor Swift to her hit song "Shake It Off." When her dream went viral on Twitter with the hashtag #ShakeItOffJalene,... Read more

Should 'Amazon Mom' Become 'Amazon Family'?

amazon family graphicJeff Bezos
Have you seen this graphic all over your social media feeds this week?   We're going to assume yes. And while prominent dad blogger Oren Miller had been pushing for Amazon to change the name of its rewards program for years, it took his death from lung cancer on Saturday for the Internet community... Read more

Working Moms Get an Apology -- From a New Mom

Katharine Zaleski and familyTory Williams
Katharine Zaleski is proving it's never too late to say "I'm sorry." And her apology is directed at her fellow working moms. "I’m sorry to all the mothers I used to work with," she writes in a commentary for Fortune. "I didn’t realize how horrible I’d been – until I had a child... Read more

It's the First-Ever World Birth Defects Day

world birth defects dayMarch of Dimes
Today marks the first celebration of a new -- and important -- observance. Pioneered by March of Dimes and 11 other international organizations, World Birth Defects Day was created to raise awareness for a problem that affects 8 million babies worldwide. While 50 percent of serious birth defects are detected soon after birth, the... Read more