Three Brothers Recreate Hilarious Baby Pics for Mom

brothers recreate family photosMatt MacMilian via BuzzFeed
If we're all so lucky, one day our kids will grow up and take a page out of these three Philadelphia brothers' playbook. They caught our attention for their hilarious — and embarrassingly accurate —recreations of childhood baby photos. And they did this all for their mom. These guys didn't mess around; they invested in adult-sized Halloween costumes and even... Read more

Dad Learns How to Do Daughter's Hair with a Little Professional Help

Hairstylist dad Greg and daughter IzzyGreg Wickherst via Facebook
Greg Wickherst was a single dad who couldn't put his two-year-old's hair in a ponytail. So he did what any resourceful parent would do: he called in a top-notch cosmetologist. Wickerherst, 39, is an admissions officer at a trader school in Pueblo, Colo. He contacted the supervisor of the cosmetology program for a little help,... Read more

Incredible Photos of Babies Born Seconds Out of the Womb

baby seconds after c-sectionChristian Berthelot via Huffington Post
A baby's debut into the world is overwhelming, emotional, memorable — these are just a few inadequate words parents use to describe having a baby. Now an eye-opening  photo series captures those palpable first moments (blood and all) when babies make their arrival. French photographer Christian Berthelot photographed C-section babies during their first seconds... Read more

British Lawmakers OK Three-Person Created Babies

fertilized embryo
We introduced three-parent IVF back in June, when it was still in the research stage in the U.K. And today, MPs (Members of Parliament) gave the controversial procedure the green light. By a vote of 382-128, the House of Commons approved the use of the technique, intended to prevent genetic diseases from being passed... Read more

Will the Measles Outbreak Persuade More Parents to Vaccinate?

vaccine in bottleiStockphoto/Getty
The debate over whether or not to vaccinate is nothing new. But if you think the Disneyland measles outbreak -- and its media coverage -- might prompt parents who don't vaccinate to reconsider their stance, the opposite might actually be happening. "The social and political conflicts we’ve seen emerge over the outbreak threaten to... Read more

New Guidelines On How Much Sleep Babies (And You) Really Need

National Sleep Foundation chartNational Sleep Foundation
Okay, new parents, we know it's not exactly possible to stick to a sleep routine or, who are we kidding, getting actual sleep. But the National Sleep Foundation released new recommendations yesterday that should serve as a rule of thumb for getting some shut-eye, breaking down the guidelines by age group. And, surprise, not... Read more

Which Country Has the Cuddliest Babies?

Are American babies grumpy? Compared to their Dutch counterparts, it certainly seems that way. A new study published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology found that Dutch babies laugh, smile and like to cuddle more than American babies aged six to 12 months old. Researchers say the results reflect inherent differences in the cultural values of American and... Read more

Dad Commercials Totally Steal Super Bowl Spotlight

Parents in the delivery room in Nissan adNissan via YouTube
Last night's Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl face off was a nail-biter, an adrenaline rush, a down-to-the-wire game. But the commercials? For the most part, those were pretty sobering. But the upside? Amid the ads about overcoming adversity (Toyota, Microsoft) and domestic violence PSAs, one theme dominated the evening: fatherhood. So much so that AdAge deemed it the... Read more

Protect Your Nursery from Baby Monitor Hacks

baby monitorMotorola
It's not the first incident we've heard of, and it probably won't be the last; another baby monitor was hacked on Tuesday, this time in a Houston home. The nanny, Ashley Stanley, was changing baby Samantha's diaper when she heard a man's voice telling her just how dirty it was. “I heard someone talking on the camera monitor... Read more

Would You Pay Thousands for a Unique Baby Name?

List of baby namesGetty
What's in a name? A unique identity worth $31,000? Probably not. But Marc Hauser is trying to convince you otherwise. Hauser is the CEO of Erfolgswelle, a Swiss firm that generates unique baby names. And this isn't an automated, randomized or arbitrary process; a team of 14 experts, 12 translators, four historians and two... Read more