This Pregnant TV Host Has The Best Comeback For Her Body-Shaming Critics

television host sarah harris slams critics who spoke negatively about her weight gain.YouTube
Morning TV host Sarah Harris is seven months pregnant, and she’s had enough. Not enough of pregnancy, though, she’s proud to be growing a baby boy. She’s fed up to here with the body shamers and critics who have been quick to judge her appearance. During yesterday’s program on Australia’s Studio 10, Harris—who... Read more

"Normal Babies Look Weird To Us"

Baby Jaxon Buell, who was born with part of his brain and skull missing.Facebook
At fourteen months old, Jaxon has outlived everyone's expectations. And when he started to utter "mama" and "daddy," he blew them away again. The reason? Jaxon was born with a shrunken head and severe brain malformation. The official diagnosis -- which took months to get -- is microhydranencephaly. He has no cerebral cortex and his cerebellum,... Read more

Infant Etiquette: Beware Of Giving Baby Kisses

mom kissing babyShutterstock
There are some good old staples of baby etiquette. Sanitize your hands before holding baby. Don't ask a new mom if she's breastfeeding. And don't even think about asking if she wants another. Add keeping the smooches to a minimum to the list. UK mom Claire Henderson shared a photo of her daughter,... Read more

With 11 Sets Of Twins, This Kindergarten Is Really Seeing Double

twin boys sitting with backpacksShutterstock
Ellen Postman, the principal at Long Island’s Lynbrook Kindergarten Center, makes it a priority to place twins in different classrooms. And this year, she really had her work cut out for her. Of the 191 students enrolled at the kindergarten center this fall, 22 are twins. Just one pair out of the 11 is identical. And yes,... Read more

​New Ad Campaign For Breastfeeding Moms Takes One Step Too Far

baby breastfeeding sodaPediatric Society of Rio Grande
This ad campaign has certainly got people talking. Intended to encourage nursing moms to eat nutritiously, the Brazilian Pediatric Society of Rio Grande (SPRS) incorporated body art into its ads. Three different mothers have junk food painted onto their breasts, implying that the infant is consuming the burger, soda or donut. “Your child is what... Read more

Breast Milk Donations Saved This Baby's Life

detra chappell holds son dekevyon with milk donor jennifer tinerWFAA, Dallas-Fort Worth
When Detra Chappell gave birth to her son 12 weeks early, her nurses said breast milk would be key to helping him survive. The problem? Chappell wasn’t able to produce enough supply to keep up Dekevyon’s demand. "They stressed that to the fullest," Chappell tells WFAA of Dallas-Fort Worth. "Like, whatever [breast milk] you... Read more

Twin Sisters Each Pregnant With Twins, Again

Twin sisters are each pregnant with twins for the second timeAP
Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker have quite a bit in common. They teach at the same school. Their husbands are best friends. They're twins. And they're each expecting their second set of twins, due two weeks apart. "It's a unique story, because I always felt like my twin sister and I had a... Read more

Yikes! Marshalls Employee Asks Woman To Breastfeed In Bathroom Stall

Woman breastfeeding in Marshalls bathroomKarina Gomez via Facebook
Marshalls is doing some serious damage control after an employee disregarded company policy, asking a customer to breastfeed in the restroom. Karina Gomez posted a photo of herself nursing in a bathroom stall on the Marshalls Facebook page, stating that she was asked to leave a dressing room while breastfeeding. "I am angry, upset, but... Read more

Breastfeeding Military Moms Lead Their Own Boobolution

Army moms breastfeeding in uniformTara Ruby
  After creating a space dedicated to nursing, the Fort Bliss army base is experiencing its own Boobolution. And thanks to photographer Tara Ruby --  a former air force member herself -- the news was is being virally depicted. Ruby's mission started out simply enough; photograph a military mom breastfeeding to hang in the new... Read more

Girl Who Is ‘Just Like Serena Williams’ Will Get To See Her Idol Play

mimi-harris-serena-williams-viral-videoKimberly J. Harris via Facebook
When mom Kimberly Harris uploaded a video to Facebook of her three-year-old daughter proudly explaining how she played tennis with her daddy “just like Serena Williams,” little did she know that a meet-and-greet between her daughter and the actual Serena Williams is now set to be one of the most-anticipated matches of the week. In... Read more