The Latest Vote for Breastfeeding in Public

Victoria Donda Perez just set a new benchmark for public breastfeeding–not to mention multitasking! Earlier this month, Perez brought eight-month-old daughter Trilce to work. But this was not your average cubicle farm—since Perez, 37, is a politician, her office that day happened to be a parliamentary session at the nation’s capital. And when duty called... Read more

Woman Adopts 4 Kids Of Best Friend, A Cancer Victim

mom who adopted best friend's kidsYouCaring
This isn't your average pinky promise between BFFs. When single mom Elizabeth Diamond was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer in August 2014, she asked her best friend if she would take care of her four daughters if anything were to happen to her. Laura Ruffino, pals with Diamond since fifth grade, didn't hesitate for a second.... Read more

This New Car Seat—The Answer To Babies Being Left In Hot Cars?

EvenFlo SensorSafe car seatWalmart
The latest in wearable technology? Your car seat. And Evenflo is suggesting it will save lives using something called SensorSafe technology. The Evenflo Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat ($150, exclusively at Walmart) comes with a sensor that clips onto baby's chest. Thanks to a receiver that plugs into your car, Wi-Fi establishes an electronic link... Read more

How Does Your State Rank In Child Well-Being?

family walking with baby holding handsShutterstock
It’s a great time to raise children in the Midwest and New England. These regions include eight of the top 10 states (along with New Jersey and Utah) that have the highest overall well-being for American children, according to new information released from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual KIDS COUNT Data Book.... Read more

5 Tests Your Newborn DOESN'T Need If Baby Winds Up In The NICU

Feet of a premature babyShutterstock
Preemies today are welcomed into the world with an overwhelming amount of technology to help them beat the odds. But when does that intervention become too much? The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation has been researching that question since 2012, when it launched the Choosing Wisely campaign to take a closer look... Read more

Couple Delivers Baby In Car—And Films Birth With A GoPro (Video)

Lesia Pettijohn gives birth in carYouTube
Jon and Lesia Pettijohn really wanted to get the birth of their third child on film. But they didn't expect it would all be recorded inside of their car. The couple was en route to the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena, Texas when Lesia went into labor in the passenger seat. Using the... Read more

Hospital Throws Leukemia Patient, 4, Dream Wedding

Abby 'marries' her favorite nurse, MattFacebook
Here's proof that you only need 12 hours to plan the perfect wedding. Earlier this week, Matt Hickling, a nurse at the Melodies Center at the Albany Medical Center, got word that one of his usual patients was coming into the clinic. But 4 year old Abby, who has Leukemia, had more than just treatment on her... Read more

What Moms Think Of Target's Breastfeeding Policy

Breastfeeding symbol for target nurse-inTarget Nurse-In
Have you seen Target's updated breastfeeding policy? The store's clear support for nursing moms has us feeling pretty excited. The policy gained attention after nursing support group Breastfeeding Mama Talk posted an image from Target's employee handbook on its Facebook page. Here's what the policy reads: Guests may openly breastfeed in our stores or ask where... Read more

Pumping On A Business Trip? IBM Has You Covered

handheld breast pumps and bottlesShutterstock
Big news from Big Blue: IBM plans to launch a new service to ship breast milk from moms traveling on business trips home to their babies. Like several other companies, IBM is seeking to improve its female retention rates (although the corporation has seen a 562 percent increase in the number of women executives since... Read more

How Charging To See Preemies Kept Them Alive

Feet of a premature babyShutterstock
Twenty five cents. That's how much it cost to see the tiny, premature babies Dr. Martin Couney exhibited at a Coney Island sideshow. Beginning in 1896, Couney showcased preemies at world fairs and amusement parks. Like a bearded lady or contortionist, preemies were there to be gawked at. But Couney's exhibits had a higher purpose --... Read more