Is Netflix's New Parental Leave Policy Bad For Women?

Netflix maternity leave policyShutterstock
UPDATE: In response to backlash about its seemingly amazing parental leave policy -- which didn't include hourly employees -- Netlix has extended its coverage to workers not on salary. Employees in the DVD division will get up to 12 weeks of paid leave; customer service 14 weeks; and hourly streaming-division employees 16 weeks. It's notable, however, that... Read more

Cast Your Vote In The Bump Best of Baby Tech Awards

The Bump Baby Tech product finalists
We love anything that makes parents' lives easier. Especially when it's high-tech. So we're proud to announce that today marks the release of the finalists for The Bump Best of Baby Tech Awards at CES 2016. Together with Living in Digital Times, we're introducing the Baby Tech Summit to the annual Consumer... Read more

Sleeping Position Isn't The Whole Story For SIDS, Study Finds

baby sleep sidsShutterstock
Every new parent’s worst nightmare—sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)—is continuing to decline in the US. But a new analysis shows although an infant’s sleep environment is an important factor in preventing SIDS, it’s not the only one, and more needs to be done to educate parents. Although SIDS numbers are low in the US—0.45 deaths... Read more

Virgin Airlines Cancellation Forces 8-Month Pregnant Woman To Spend Night On Floor

pregnant woman sleeping on an airport floorFacebook
Traveling during your third trimester can be uncomfortable enough. And a 36-week pregnant Australian woman endured a particularly difficult overnight stay in a Brisbane Virgin Australia terminal, placing the airline under scrutiny. Meghan Cochrane's flight was cancelled Sunday night, and she was re-booked on a plane departing at 5 a.m. on Monday. According to a Facebook post from... Read more

This 2 Year Old Gymnast Is Taking His Talents To New Heights

Arat gymnast toddlerInstagram via @arat.gym
As much as parents wish there were hard and fast rules determining when baby will reach certain milestones, the reality is that every kid is different. By nine months, many babies can pull to stand and crawl. At this age, Iran native Arat Hosseini was performing gymnastics routines. Over the last 10 months, Arat’s father... Read more

Toymaker VTech Hacked: What You Need To Know

vetch learning lodgeVtech
Toy company VTech has confirmed a massive security breach where private consumer data, including names, birth dates, photos, email addresses and passwords, has been accessed by hackers. Just finished your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping on the site? There is a silver lining: no credit card data was stolen, and only the Learning Lodge... Read more

11 Year Old Helps Mom Deliver Baby, Then Goes To School

Big sister Caitlin kissing baby ElsaBirmingham Mail
Caitlin Burke wants to be a midwife when she grows up. And at only 11 years old, the UK native has already logged some experience. Caitlin's mom, Tara, started having contractions early Tuesday morning just minutes after her partner left the house. But 10 minutes later, her water broke, and based on her experiences delivering... Read more

How Australia Is Cracking Down On Anti-Vaxxers

closeup of a vaccineShutterstock
UPDATE: Australian legislation requiring parents to vaccinate their kids in order to receive childcare benefits and tax exemptions passed the Senate today. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that starting January 1, 2016, "conscientious objectors" to immunization will no longer receive childcare payments or the end-of-the-year supplement in their family tax benefits. The crackdown on... Read more

Stranger Donates Liver To Save Baby's Life

Liver donor holds babyWalker family via TODAY
Natalia Walker's first birthday was a cause for celebration in more ways than one. It was the day she received a liver transplant from a donor she'd never met. Walker was born with biliary artresia -- the same disease that affected the Ohio baby boy whose mother saved his life with her liver.... Read more

A Biracial Father Of Three On Taye Diggs ‘Mixed’ Controversy: Embrace The Biracial Coin

Kelley KelleyKelley Kelley
Kelley Kelley is a Brooklyn-based musician and father of three beautifully “mixed” children. He describes how he and his Chinese-American wife, Sonia, have worked to shape the racial identity of their kids. Editor’s Note: Actor Taye Diggs recently sat down with The Grio to talk about the release of his... Read more