Got Breast Milk? It's No One's Business If You Share It

Got milk?Shutterstock
Meet Jessica Shortall, a working mom with a career dedicated to the intersection of business and doing good. As the former Director of Giving for TOMS Shoes, she literally circumnavigated the globe with a breast pump. Pre-order her upcoming book by Abrams, “Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back... Read more

Jenna Bush Hager Gives Newborn Daughter A Special Family Name

The Hager family is now happily a family of four! TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager welcomed a second daughter with husband Henry Hager on Thursday, Aug. 13. Like their 2-year-old Margaret Laura, who they’ve nicknamed Mila, they’ve given the newborn a feminine name with significant family meaning. The mom of two announced the birth... Read more

Are They Acting? Sam And Nia's Pregnancy And Miscarriage Claims Questioned

Can you really take a pregnancy test from the toilet? After the pregnancy -- and subsequent miscarriage -- news from YouTube stars Sam and Nia went viral, the validity of their story is being called into question. The Texas couple -- who deemed themselves the "good-looking couple" in their first viral... Read more

Where Do You Breastfeed? Choose The Next Lactation Pod Location

Seventh Generation Mamava Pod_Newark AirportMamava
Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park. La Guardia Airport. Maybe even your office. All of these places are equipped with comfortable places for new moms to breastfeed. But there's probably a few other places you could use a nursing station, especially if breastfeeding or pumping in public isn't your thing. So where's it gonna... Read more

Nursing For A Friend: Woman Sparks Controversy With 'Milk Siblings' Photo

Jessica Colletti breastfeeding son and friend's sonFacebook
Jessica Colletti has been pulling breastfeeding double duty for nearly a year. But she's only making headlines for it this week. The 28-year-old from Pennsylvania is a stay-at-home mom and first-time parent to son Lucian, 16 months. During the day, she also cares for 18-month-old Mateo. She breastfeeds both boys, and shared a photo of herself... Read more

The Busby Quintuplets Are Coming To TLC!

The Busby family quintupletsAimee Fuller Photography via The Busby Family
With a claim to fame like "America's only all-female quintuplets," it was only a matter of time before the Busby babies landed a TV show. As the door closes on the Duggars, TLC is adding a new big family to the lineup: the Texas-based Busby family. Already parents to four-year-old daughter Blayke, Danielle... Read more

Is Netflix's New Parental Leave Policy Bad For Women?

Netflix maternity leave policyShutterstock
In case you were completely away from the interweb last week, I'll catch you up real quick: Netflix announced that it is offering its employees -- male and female -- unlimited, paid parental leave following a birth or adoption. Everyone has gone nuts over this news. It's a sign of things to come.... Read more

Target Says Goodbye To 'Boy' ​And 'Girl' Toy Categories

target storefrontShutterstock
Target has something new in store: a gender-free toy section. In a move similar to Amazon, Target is eliminating "girl" and "boy" distinctions in its toys, home and entertainment sections. Not only does that mean no more gender references, but the removal of any pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the... Read more

YouTube Stars Sam And Nia Share Heartbreaking Miscarriage News

Just days after their role-reversal surprise pregnancy announcement went viral, YouTube stars Sam and Nia are back with an emotional update: Nia suffered a miscarriage. On Wednesday, the couple shared a video of Sam surprising his wife and high school sweetheart Nia with a positive pregnancy test. The video, which has... Read more

Instagram Makes Things Right After Taking Down Birthing Photographer's Pics

Couple toasting water birthMelissa Jean Photography
Just a quick scroll through Australian photographer Melissa Jean Wilbraham's Instagram -- MelissaJeanBabies -- reveals photos of motherhood ranging from glamorous to graphic. From breastfeeding to home births, she shares it all. But Instagram didn't seem to approve; it deactivated her account. As the official baby photographer of Australia's The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Wilbraham wasn't just... Read more