Rebecca Minkoff’s Brooklyn Baby Shower

rebecca minkoff
You're probably not surprised that designer Rebecca Minkoff had an incredibly trendy and tasteful baby shower. We're talking a brunch-in-Williamsburg level of trendy. What might surprise you, however, is the running theme: Gouda. It's not that Minkoff and her husband Gavin Ballour are cheese aficionados (well, maybe they are, but that's not the point); their... read more

Attention NYC Moms: The Pump and Dump Show Is Coming Your Way!

Chances are this isn't the first time you've heard of the dynamic duo of Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee -- these hilarious ladies have contributed to our blog before. (Need a quick ego boost? Check out 10 Reasons You're An Awesome Mom.) This summer and fall, they're touring the country with their Pump... read more

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey Are Expecting a Baby Girl!

There's going to be an Iron Baby coming out this fall, since Robert Downey Jr. and his wife of almost nine years, Susan Downey, are expecting a baby girl! Robert proudly announced the news by covering all of his social media bases yesterday, writing on Facebook, "Um. I don't know if it's a 'man's world,'... read more

​Yikes! Being Pregnant Could Get You Denied for a Mortgage

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Thinking about making the move to a bigger home now that you've got a baby on the way? Be ready to put up a fight with your bank. Although it's absolutely illegal under the Fair Housing Act, some banks are delaying or denying loan applications when the borrower is pregnant or on maternity leave. Their reasoning? There... read more

Will Doctors Soon Be Able to Diagnose Autism in Utero?

Photo: Thinkstock/The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock/The Bump
A new genetic identifier, found by researchers at Seattle Children's Hospital and Research Institute, may allow doctors to diagnose autism before a baby is even born. Dr. Raphael Bernier, who led the study, discovered that a mutation in the CHD8 gene both significantly increases a fetus's likelihood to develop autism as well as causes many of the physical... read more

Introducing the New Bump App!

It's official: today marks the launch of the new and improved iPhone app for The Bump. And we're really excited about it. What's different? Thanks to the gorgeous, clean design, you'll find that navigating through the app is a whole lot easier. Based on your due date, you'll see a week-by-week stream of Q&A's,... read more

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson Expecting Baby #3!

LeBron James Savannah BrinsonPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
If LeBron James and Savannah Brinson had a master plan to have their own basketball team one day, they've finally succeeded. The newlyweds are now expecting their third child, according to Us Weekly! But Miami Heat president, Pat Riley, may have let the baby out of the bag first, since he commented publicly on... read more

A New Blood Test Finds Mom-to-Be’s Preeclampsia Risk Early

It only affects 5 to 7 percent of pregnancies in the United States each year, but preeclampsia is a major issue. This cardiovascular disorder is typically detected later in pregnancies (after week 20), and occurs when you have a combination of high blood pressure and protein in your urine. It can have some... read more

Is Zoe Saldana Pregnant?

Zoe SaldanaPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
Starring in the TV mini-series Rosemary's Baby may have given Zoe Saldana a few ideas -- minus the whole Satanic cult thing. E! and the Daily Mail are reporting that Zoe may be trying to cover a burgeoning baby bump with overalls and loose dresses and tops she's been photographed in recently. If she is pregnant, the happy... read more

Warning: Don’t Use Spray Sunscreen on Kids

Despite the blotchy sunburn that sometimes results, spray-on sunscreen is a fast, easy alternative to the messy goup we're usually stuck with. But Consumer Reports is advising parents to keep it away from kids, at least for now. In 2011, the FDA announced it was investigating the potential risks of spray sunscreens. The... read more