After 7 Years, US Birth Rate On The Rise

mom and baby in bedShutterstock
Yep, you read that right: The US birth rate is on the rise. We know you're used to us reporting about how it's falling, but a recent CDC study found that 2014 rates were up 1 percent from 2013. And nobody appreciates baby steps more than we do. Why is such a small increase significant?... Read more

Too Cute! Blackhawks Babies Take Over Stanley Cup

stanley cup babyTwitter
For the Chicago Blackhawks, the Stanley Cup is a symbol of last night's victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. But for 2-week-old Jaxson James, its just another place to sleep. Following his team's Game Six win, the Blackhawks's Kris Versteeg placed his new baby boy in the Stanley Cup. Tiny baby. Huge trophy. It's adorable. Read more

Baby-Led Choreography Is A Thing

baby leads dance classYouTube
"Squatting, collapsing, flat-footed running -- ...these adults are moving like babies." Straight out of a review from The New York Times, that assessment really nails it. Because, after all, the performance described was inspired by a 14 month old and a 5 year old. Milkdreams, the latest performance at La Mama in New York... Read more

Better Perception Skills, Better Chance Of Autism

baby autism riskThinkstock
Roughly one out of every 68 kids are diagnosed with autism in the US, although not usually before ages four or five. But new research is identifying superior perceptual skills linked to the disorder early in infancy, before the onset of other symptoms. And it's suggesting this advanced perception be the hallmark of autism, rather than social... Read more

Ban Babies' Ear Piercings, Growing UK Petition Demands

sleeping baby with earringShutterstock
Thousands of people have signed a petition in the hopes of outlawing ear piercing for babies and toddlers in England. "Other forms of physically harming children are illegal -- this should be no different," writes UK mother Susan Ingram, who addressed the petition to Minister of Children Edward Timpson. She doesn't mince words, calling the act... Read more

92-Year-Old Proves It's Never Too Late To Adopt

muriel clayton and mary smithCourtesy of Muriel Clayton's family
We love a good adoption story -- a reminder that everyone's road to starting a family is different. And this one is particularly unique. The new mom? Muriel Clayton, a 92-year-old Dallas resident. The adopted daughter? Her 76-year-old cousin, Mary Smith. While the mother-daughter relationship was only made official this week in a Dallas... Read more

Richard Branson Offers A Year Of Parental Leave To Virgin Employees

Richard Branson talks parental leaveShutterstock
It makes sense that if anyone were to one-up all existing parental leave policies, it would be Richard Branson. Yesterday, the Virgin Group founder unveiled plans to offer a year of full paid leave for new moms and new dads. "If you take care of your employees they will take care of your business. That... Read more

Why Are Celebrities Tweeting About Batten Disease?

Charlotte Gray runningGray Foundation
Four-year-old Charlotte and two-year-old Gwenyth look like healthy, normal little girls. And they are, for now. But the Gray sisters both have Batten Disease, meaning their life expectancy is only six to twelve years old. They're the daughters of film producer Gordon Gray, each diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease that's both fast and fatal. While... Read more

Progesterone Contraceptive Ring Declared Safe For Breastfeeding Moms

contraceptive ringShutterstock
Nursing moms: The World Health Organization (WHO) has an announcement just for you. The progesterone contraceptive vaginal ring (CVR), developed by the Population Council, has been added to WHO's list of essential medicines. Why is this significant? Inclusion on the essential medicines list clarifies that contraceptive rings can be a safe birth control... Read more

Adoption, Pregnancy And Breast Cancer: Stephanie Hosford's Story

cancer survivor stephanie hosford giving speechCity of Hope
After being diagnosed with breast cancer, 37-year-old Stephanie Hosford decided to go ahead with her plans to finalize an adoption of a little girl from China. Three days after the cancer diagnosis, Hosford learned she was pregnant, and decided to go ahead with that too. "I'm really proud of myself," Hosford tells Cosmopolitan. "I feel... Read more