A Totally Legitimate Guide To Decoding Your Baby's Cries

Soothing a crying babyShutterstock
Meet Sara Given, a first-time mom who’s found her place in the online parenting world by poking fun at it. Her blog “It’s Like They Know Us” rounds up all those ridiculously idyllic parenting stock photos you hate so much and adds the snarky captions they deserve. Check out her new book, Read more

Getting Moving After A Cesarean: When Is It Okay?

woman stretching to sneakersShutterstock
If you had a c-section, keep in mind that in addition to recovering from the drastic bodily changes resulting from pregnancy, you are also recovering from a major abdominal surgery. This means that you will be weaker, especially in the abdominal muscles, than the new mom who didn’t have a c-section, and will have more... Read more

Health Linked To Season Of Birth? New Study's Surprising Finding

Sandy baby feetShutterstock
Sure, fall babies are the most common, but a new study is finding that summer babies are the healthiest. A research team from the University of Cambridge found that babies born in June, July and August routinely log the heaviest birth weights and taller heights as adults. While other studies have found... Read more

See Grandma's Reaction To Meeting Adopted Granddaughter For The First Time

Grandma meets adopted granddaughter for the first timeYouTube
"When I came to work this morning, I wasn't a grandma and now I am." That's what Sharon Bloomingdale boasted to her coworkers after receiving the best in-office surprise ever. Bloomingdale's daughter and son-in-law, Laura and Josh Dell, were only approved for adoption three weeks before matching up with their new baby, Ellie. They... Read more

This Baby Photo Sums Up One Family's Fertility Struggle

IVF baby in heart of syringesSher Institutes via Facebook
A recent viral photo is driving home an important message: It doesn't matter how baby got here, just that she did. Fertility clinic Sher Institutes posted a photo of baby Angela surrounded by a heart of syringes. Why? Because injections, medications and various treatments are the reason she's here at all. And that process is a... Read more

Working Motherhood: Now With Pooper Scoopers!

service animal relief area airportTwitter
This week, a woman flying from Boston to DC was told by a United Airlines employee to pump breastmilk in the airport's pet relief area. “She said you can go to the bathroom. And I said the bathroom is not sanitary,” said the woman, Liz Meagher Cooper. “She said we also have a... Read more

Mom In Airport Was Instructed To Pump In 'Pet Relief Area'

pet relief area at airportLiz Meagher Cooper
When you gotta pump, you gotta pump. During a layover at Washington DC, Dulles International Airport, Massachusetts mom Liz Meagher Cooper asked a United Airlines employee where the best spot to privately pump was. The first option she was offered: the family bathroom. But a lack of an electrical outlet and overall unsanitary conditions meant that space wasn't... Read more

Sandra Bullock Talks Son Louis: 'A Child Forces You To Get Your Sh-t Together'

Sandra Bullock holding son LouisGetty
Sandra Bullock is gracing the cover of Glamour’s November issue and discussing her most important role to date: becoming a mother. From overcoming her divorce from Jesse James to trailblazing a female lead in her new film Our Brand Is Crisis, the actress praises her five-year-old son Louis for inspiring her to become the... Read more

Screaming Baby Receives Scolding Note From Restaurant Diners

baby eating with food on his mouthThinkstock
Braving the restaurant scene with baby is a daring right of passage for you both. And for one Idaho mom, dining out was made especially uncomfortable by fellow Texas Roadhouse patrons. Mom Katie Leach and her family were at Texas Roadhouse in Nampa, Idaho, when her 10-month-old son Drew was accused of "ruining" the dinner... Read more

Funny Video Shows How Real Moms Clean The House

Mom in a dog cone holding a tropical drinkYouTube
A pristine home is tough enough to maintain without kids. But with a baby or toddler in the house, it's impossible, right? Not according to Michelle Villemaire of Home Made Mimi. As TLC's resident DIY-er, Villemaire knows a thing or two about tackling tough projects. And in a new video, she hilariously outlines the... Read more