Dads Instagram Their Parenting Victories with #DadWin

Baby with underwear on headInstagram
We've been praising dads who make fancy meals and give their daughters professional-level hairstyles. But the regular guys deserve a shoutout, too. A new Instagram hashtag is showcasing the little victories of dads, even when those victories mean cutting some corners (orange pajamas mean mac and cheese stains are invisible, right?) Check out... Read more

Hold Off on Giving Baby Antibiotics, Study Suggests

Pills and containerThinkstock
Antibiotics are the most commonly prescribed drugs for kids -- in 2010, they accounted for a quarter of all medications for children. But studies are indicating they may be over-prescribed, and this has the biggest effect on infants. A new study published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe synthesized hundreds of past studies, concluding... Read more

3 Financial Fears of First-Time Parents

pink piggy bankGetty
Saving up for a baby may seem like an impossible task. But with four million babies born each year in the US, parents are finding a way to make it work. They key is planning ahead. "I’ve found that first-time parents all find themselves confronting the same three financial questions," Voya financial adviser Joe O'Boyle... Read more

Babies Prefer Listening to Other Babies, Study Finds

two babiesThinkstock
Your kid doesn't want to to listen to you, mom. And that starts earlier than you think: around six months old. A new study from McGill University found that six-month-old babies are much more interested in listening to other babies than adults. In other words, baby wants to communicate, but not necessarily with... Read more

Why Did This Photo of Professor Holding a Baby Go Viral?

Professor holding a baby while teachingImgur
At first glance, nothing about this photo seems particularly special; it's a man holding a baby. But then you notice a parabola. And you figure out he's a professor. And then you learn the whole story. "So one of the students came with her kid, because she didn't have a babysitter," the original photo caption,... Read more

New Instagram Account Sums Up Your Daily Struggle

little boy with marker scribbles on couchAverage Parent Problems
Ilana Wiles, a working mom of two and the founder of new Instagram account @averageparentproblems, knows that parenting can feel like a never-ending struggle. From "getting out the door problems" to "restaurant problems" and the ever-popular "toy problems" (what parent hasn't taken a LEGO to the foot?), Wiles has collected dozens of Instagram photos that show the real... Read more

Are You the Mom Who Eats Your Kids' Table Scraps?

baby eatingGetty
Embarrassed by all the times you've scraped mac and cheese remnants off your kids' dirty dishes and considered it dinner? Don't be! That's the major takeaway from an interview between Dan Pashman of WNYC's The Sporkful and NPR's Rachel Martin. Why do you do this? When did your standards allow this to happen? Pashman authoritatively explains. "Well, there's... Read more

First-Time Pregnant Women Get Advice from the Best — Their Moms (Video)

advice from momThe Daily Share
When you have a pregnancy question you don't want to ask anyone else, you turn to The Bump, of course. But the other source you can trust in confidence? Your mom. The Daily Share posted a video of four first-time pregnant women talking candidly with their moms about pregnancy and parenthood. "Did you... Read more

How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated In Different Countries

mom and baby in bedShutterstock
Happy Mother's Day! Enjoying breakfast in bed? A day at the spa? Take a look at how other countries celebrate mom. While some follow our break-from-housework, brunch-at-a-restaurant playbook, others have surprising, less familiar customs worth learning about. Mexico Cue the mariachi music, which is the sound track of Mother’s Day in Mexico. Families hire bands to... Read more

A Message from NFL Moms to Their Sons

NFL moms
"You are my greatest accomplishment." "Words can't even express how proud I am of you." "I love you with all my heart." We don't have to tell you that these phrases come straight from the mouths of moms. But these ladies are talking to a very special set of kids -- their professional football player... Read more