Too Much TV Linked To Bullying, Study Finds

baby holding remoteGetty
Another reason to limit your toddler's screen time? It will be better for his middle school social life. A study from the University of Montreal found a direct correlation between the number of hours of television a 29 month old watches and whether or not he's bullied in sixth grade. Essentially, for every additional hour... Read more

Disneyland Vacation Meltdowns Are Adorably Hilarious

Today marks 60 years since the opening of Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. The California theme park was the only Disney park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney himself. The concept arose after Walt traveled to theme park after theme park with his daughters during the 1930s and 1940s, realizing that the parks were designed with... Read more

Blake Lively Shows The 'Perks' Of Breastfeeding (Photo)

It looks like Blake Lively is getting a jump start on the #Boobolution (stay tuned for details of our annual breastfeeding initiative, throughout August). This morning, The Age of Adeline star shared a photo on Instagram highlighting the 'perks' of breastfeeding on her Instagram account. Not sure what she means? There's a good chance she's referring... Read more

Watch This Dad Give MTV 'Cribs'-Style Nursery Tour

Dad giving MTV Cribs-style nursery tourYouTube
MTV's Cribs had a revival in Austin, Texas. Sort of. Filmmaker and soon-to-be dad Bryan Canatella gave a Cribs-style video tour of the nursery he designed with wife Caryn. Complete with the music from the show, on air from 2000 to 2011, the tour offered us a glimpse into every "wing" of the space, which will... Read more

What Moms Think Of Target's Breastfeeding Policy

Breastfeeding symbol for target nurse-inTarget Nurse-In
Have you seen Target's updated breastfeeding policy? The store's clear support for nursing moms has us feeling pretty excited. The policy gained attention after nursing support group Breastfeeding Mama Talk posted an image from Target's employee handbook on its Facebook page. Here's what the policy reads: Guests may openly breastfeed in our stores or ask where... Read more

Is This How You Feel When You Hear Your Favorite Song?

toddler dancingFacebook
He may not be steady on his feet, but T.J. has some serious moves. In a fit of excitement when his favorite song came on, the 1-year-old son of San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith abandoned his doodle board to dance along.  "When you thought you were done turning up but your song comes on," Smith... Read more

Glasses Make This Baby Even Cuter

baby with glassesFacebook
This little cutie is finally seeing clearly. Mom Jessica Sinclair took a video of baby Piper wearing her new glasses for the first time. While Piper fights the specs at first, her reaction is priceless as the world comes into focus. Didn't know babies could need glasses? Yep, even little ones can experience vision... Read more

Are Needle-Free Vaccines In Sight?

baby getting a shotShutterstock
You know it's necessary, but watching baby get poked and prodded can be the toughest part about having her vaccinated. New research from Japan might be able to alleviate your pain, both mental and physical. A team from Osaka University created a dissolvable patch to administer flu vaccines. Tiny (painless) microneedles in the patch penetrate... Read more

Don't Ask This Mom About Her Twins, Okay?

twin baby girls in stroller with signInstagram via Annie Nolan
Like it or not, twins are basically always a conversation starter. As for adorable twin babies Delphi and Cheska, snuggled under a pink blanket in a double stroller? Even more so -- and their mom knows it. Australian blogger and mom Annie Nolan took to Instagram to share a bunch of preemptive answers to... Read more

3 Things Every Mom Who Thinks She’s Failing Should Never Forget

Kamy Wicoff #MomsWriteNow
The Bump has partnered with some amazing mothers who also happen to be amazing writers. They’re dishing out all their thoughts, observations and real life lessons about mothering in the best way they know how. We’re embarking on an essay series and we’re hoping you’ll follow along as these authors share what they’ve learned about... Read more