Procrastinating? Last Minute Tax Advice for Parents

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Scrambling to file your taxes this weekend? No sweat. We talked to Matt Becker, financial planner and founder of Mom and Dad Money, for some last-minute advice for parents. "The biggest tax deadline tip I have is to get your IRA contributions in before the deadline," Becker says. "For 2014, the maximum IRA... Read more

Happy National Siblings Day! Big Siblings Break Developing News

Happy National Siblings Day! While this celebration is basically an excuse to post embarrassing old family photos online, we stopped to ask ourselves a question: What was life like before baby no. 2 came along? Before there were siblings, there was an only child who had to be told there was a baby on the... Read more

'Sad Cake': Your Parenting Problems, Explained

Pump an Dump ladies on bikesCrystal Allen Photography
Meet Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, the ladies behind The Bump Pump and Dump Validation Tour. These Denver-based moms are here to remind you that even on your worst parenting day, you’re doing a great job. And whether it’s via song at their parentally-incorrect live comedy shows or via blog post on The Bump,... Read more

Yikes! The Risks of Purchasing Breast Milk Online

For moms who struggle with pumping their own milk, several milk sharing sites are available online. If you don't want to supplement with formula, you can buy 100 percent human milk from other moms. Supposedly. A new study, published today in the journal Pediatrics, found that one out of 10 milk samples purchased online... Read more

Which Baby Names Really Stand the Test of Time?

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You're well aware of today's popular baby names; every preschool class seems full of Liams and Emmas. On the flip side, you probably haven't met many Mildreds or Herberts under age 70. But which names bridge the gap between timeless and trendy? Using data from the Social Security crunched the numbers. These... Read more

AAP: Measure Children's Medicine in Milliliters

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Better brush up on your understanding of the metric system; pediatricians are calling for children’s liquid medicines to only be measured in metric units. The push comes as an initiative to reduce overdoses associated with mixups of teaspoons and tablespoons. Overdoses send tens of thousands of kids to the emergency room each year. "Even though we... Read more

Police Offers Skip Ticket, Buy Car Seat for Family in Need

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Officers James Hodges and Jason Pavlige are being deemed heroes for their response to a call regarding child safety a month ago. But these Michigan cops maintain they were just doing their jobs. A McDonald's employee alerted police after a family drove through the restaurant and their baby wasn't safely secured in a car seat. Officers Hodges and... Read more

Surprise! How to Make Baby Smarter

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Your mundane game of peekaboo just got a whole lot more meaningful; a new study shows that surprises and unexpected events are critical to babies' learning experiences. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University essentially showed a group of 11-month-olds a series of magic tricks, testing their innate understanding of cause-and-effect. A researcher rolled a ball down... Read more

The Surprising Link Between Miscarriages and Your Biological Clock

When it comes to getting pregnant, timing is everything. But we don't have a whole lot of control surrounding that timing. A new study released today from the University of Warwick found the synchronization of a mother's body clock and her womb's clock is essential to carrying a pregnancy to full term. Failed synchronization... Read more

World Autism Awareness Day: What You Need to Know

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Seeing a lot of blue outfits today? It's the color people are wearing to support World Autism Awareness Day. An estimated 1 in 68 children in the US have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). What does that mean exactly? Could your child be at risk? And if so, what then? We’ve got answers. Some children are... Read more