The CDC Weighs In on Circumcision: What Do You Think?

sleeping newborniStock
Should you or shouldn't you? Circumcision is a hot topic among new parents, the debate centering around whether it's considered a true preventative health measure. But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now definitively saying that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks. And they're saying insurance should cover it. The... read more

Reese Witherspoon: Motherhood Is Like a 24/7 News Ticker

Reese Witherspoon Glamour coverMatt Irwin
Reese Witherspoon is back on the big screen! We haven't seen much of the southern belle since she slowed her career in 2012 to spend time with new baby Tennessee, but there's already Oscar buzz for her role of writer Cheryl Strayed in the upcoming film Wild. Don't expect a happy-go-lucky Sweet Home Alabama performance.... read more

How Safe Is Your Crib?

crib in purple and yellow nurseryShutterstock
A crib should be one of the safest places for your baby, right? According to a new study from the National Institute of Health, nearly 55 percent of US infants sleep with potentially unsafe bedding. Soft bedding and accessories like thick blankets, pillows, crib bumpers and stuffed animals may be pretty nursery decor, but... read more

See aden + anais's New Designs for World AIDS Day

RED swaddles aden + anaisaden + anais
Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day -- a day for us to pause and remember that 650 babies are born HIV positive every day. In an effort to lower that number, aden + anais has teamed up with (PRODUCT)RED to create new designs and raise money to combat the virus. The new prints, launching... read more

Let's Get Real About Post-Baby Bodies

woman stretching in the sunlightGetty
I love that model Lara Stone has published untouched photos of her postpartum body. Granted, she is a supermodel with a physique worthy of Calvin Klein underwear ads, but seeing the fabulous photos with freckles, stretch marks and other "imperfections" made me relate to her on a mom-to-mom... read more

New Mom Eva Mendes Dishes on 'Wild Nights'

Eva MendesGetty
We haven't heard much from Eva Mendes since she and Ryan Gosling welcomed baby Esmeralda Amada in September. But the actress, 40, is opening up in an interview with Violet Grey, and like most new moms, she says she's exhausted. "I thought my wild nights were over but these are some of the... read more

What Happens When a Baby and a Sloth Live Together?

baby and slothBuzzFeed
We just told you that Kristen Bell is trying to figure out the best way to parent her growing family. And we think one family found a technique that Bell would LOVE. Remember when the actress fessed up to her emotional sloth obsession on Ellen? No? Then you need to watch this video. Now, meet Julia... read more

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Plan for Baby No. 2

Dax Shepard and Kristen BellUS Weekly
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard might be "completely stumped" about what to name their second baby, but they have a pretty good idea of how to juggle two kids. "I think we’ll probably get through it just like everybody else does, which is we’ll put it together day by day," Bell, 34, tells... read more

How Did Baby Food Become a Household Staple?

Jar of yellow baby food with twineGetty
Whether it's Gerber brand or your own homemade recipe, baby food is a staple in your household. But did you ever wonder what parents did before Beaba cookers and those little jars of smashed sweet potatoes were at the ready? Baby food as we know it didn't come on the scene until the 1920s.... read more

Happy National Family Week: Are You Ready to Have a Baby?

family outsideThinkstock
Is there a perfect time to have kids? Not necessarily. But there are things to consider before starting a family, or adding to your brood. In honor of National Family Week, we break down the questions you and your partner should be asking. Career Yes, your 20s and 30s are prime baby-making years, but they're also a time... read more