Things Moms Can’t Wait To Do Again (After Having Baby)

Don’t get us wrong. We know that emotional feeling of “I can’t believe I’m growing a baby!” is just as amazing now as it was when you first found out you were expecting. Feeling baby kick, getting weekly "How Big is Baby" updates and learning about new developments at each doctor's visit never get... Read more

New York Mets MVP Daniel Murphy Deserves Another Title: All-Star Dad

Mets player Daniel Murphy holding sonGetty Images
Whether you're a baseball fan or not, chances are you've seen Daniel Murphy's name making headlines this week. On Wednesday, Daniel Murphy was named MVP of the National League Championship Series (NLCS) for his postseason performance. The New York Mets second baseman hit seven home runs in nine playoff games, including the last six consecutive games,... Read more

7 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Totally Sum Up Your Life

welcome to parentingFowl Parenting Comics
You know how they say you can’t fully understand something until you experience it firsthand? Well, the person who first came up with that logic must have been a parent because one thing’s for sure—your idea of parenthood undoubtedly changes once you actually become one. Cartoonist and dad of two Brian Gordon took that idea and started... Read more

Mom’s Pregnancy Weight Gain After Birth May Lead to Child’s Obesity

pregnancy weight gainShutterstock
When you're ‘eating for two’ it's easy to give in to strong (and sometimes strange!) cravings, and before you know it those pregnancy pounds quickly add up. In reality, doctors say 300 extra calories per day is all you need, and excessive weight gain can have health consequences that put you and baby at risk.... Read more

Dad's Clever Song Remixes Get Baby Eating

dadsingingbabyYouTube via Charles Only
It takes a certain stroke of brilliance to create the perfect song parody, but one musically-inclined dad has created the perfect mixtape for mealtime: a series of food-themed lyrics meant to encourage his son to eat solid foods without a fuss. Part-time stay-at-home-dad Charles Flartey has always enjoyed singing to his one-year-old son... Read more

Dad To Photographer Who Retouched His Wife: ‘You Took Away The Documentation Of My Children’

boudoir shootShutterstock
When a mom of two in her mid-40s decided to star in a boudoir photoshoot as a gift for her husband, she wanted to look and feel gorgeous. After choosing 30 photos for the album, she requested that photographer Victoria Haltom of Victoria Caroline Boudoir heavily edit the photos. In a post she shared on... Read more

Halloween Makeup Kits May Contain Chemicals Toxic To Kids

boy with Halloween face paintShutterstock
What's more frightening than a scary ghost or skeleton costume? The chemicals found in most Halloween makeup kits. That's the key takeaway from a press conference held by US Senator Charles Schumer yesterday. Makeup palettes from major companies such as Wet N' Wild, Fun World and Rubie's Costume Company often contain harmful chemicals including lead, nickel, chromium and... Read more

Moms Talk to Each Other Like They Talk to Their Kids: ‘Finish The Wine I Already Gave You!'’

breakwomb moms sketch comedy groupYoutube via The Breakwomb
Imagine what the conversation would be like if you combined Girls’ Night Out with an evening in with your toddler. If you’re picturing a mix of pouring wine and preaching about manners, you’d be right. In a hilarious new video by sketch comedy group The BreakWomb, a trio of moms gets together to catch up,... Read more

What's Trending At ABC Kids This Year? Wearable Technology

We are BACK at the ABC Kids expo in Las Vegas. Not familiar with ABC? The All Baby & Child expo brings together hundreds of baby and maternity-focused companies -- big and small -- and gives them the opportunity to showcase their latest and greatest (and cutest) innovations. After experiencing the initial sensory overload of day... Read more

Want a Laugh & Real Wisdom? Follow This Parody Twitter Account For 'Working Dads'

working dad parody twitterShutterstock
Everywhere moms turn, there's advice. Whether it's from a well-meaning coworker or yet another '10-ways-to-behave-like-a-human-when-you're-a-sleep-deprived-mom' type of listicle, you're bombarded with information, helpful or not. But what about dads? Don't worry, working dads, a 'super busy dad' is here to offer you the same not-really-helpful information via his Tumblr and Twitter... Read more