Reasons NOT To Breastfeed In Public -- Do You Agree?

Woman eating a salad under a nursing coverYouTube
Kristina Kuzmic is calling for breastfeeding moms to put their boobs away. Don't get mad! It's all part of the comedian's sarcastic approach, aimed at highlighting the ridiculousness and hypocriticalness of shaming breastfeeding in public. "We don't live in a society where it's ok to just show part of your breasts or cleavage... Read more

Here's What Kids' Imaginations Look Like In Photos

baby and butterfliesRhiannon Logsdon
Rhiannon Logsdon isn't your average child portrait photographer. She doesn't just take pictures of the kids; she helps bring their imaginations to life. A mom of four herself, Logsdon knows a thing or two about getting inside the head of a child. She starts shoots by asking about what they like and instructing... Read more

That Kind Of Mother: Author Kelley Clink Opens Up About Motherhood And Depression

The Bump has partnered with some amazing mothers who also happen to be amazing writers. They’re dishing out all their thoughts, observations and real life lessons about mothering in the best way they know how. We’re embarking on an essay series and we’re hoping you’ll follow along as these authors share what they’ve learned about... Read more

Dos And Don'ts For A Fun (And Safe) Summer

baby at beachShutterstock
Armed with floaties and some SPF, you think you have kids' summer safety down, right? You probably do. But these are the things you might not consider. Sun and Suncreen Yep, a newborn's skin is super sensitive to the sun. But you may be surprised to learn it's also sensitive to sunscreen. For babies... Read more

8 Ways We're Celebrating The Fourth Of July

Baby girl in Fourth of July swimsuitShutterstock
BBQs, bathing suits, beach trips -- some Fourth of July traditions are sacred. But what changes when you're pregnant, or when a baby's part of the picture? Red white and blue just gets a whole lot more adorable. Here's what we're up to this long weekend. We'll be getting decked out.   Read more

6 Times BFFs Everleigh And Ava Were More Ready For Fourth Of July Weekend Than You

Toddler models Everleigh and Ava in Fourth of July outfitsInstagram
Louis Vuitton bags packed, bathing suits ready and dressed head to toe in red, white and blue, Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley are ready for the long weekend. Here's the thing: These fashionistas are only two and a half years old. But the Instagram account that chronicles the best friends (and their outfits) has already... Read more

3 Ways to Have a Baby-Friendly (and Fun!) Fourth of July

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but holidays just aren’t the same when you have a baby. Some holidays, that is. Especially ones involving beer and fireworks. Babies and pyrotechnics don’t mix. So you might find yourself, like I did, sitting home alone with a baby on Independence Day, while... Read more

Autism May Be Diagnosed Early By Sense Of Smell

Child smelling flowersShutterstock
We recently told you that tracking an infant's eye patterns can help detect autism earlier. But a new study is relying on a different sense for early detection: smell. A simple sniff test accurately determined whether or not a toddler had autism spectrum disorder (ASD) 81 percent of the time. Researchers noticed that... Read more

New App Helps Locate Clean Public Bathrooms

Looie bathroomLooie
When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. Especially when you’re pregnant. And now, there’s an app for that: A new start-up aims to give busy city dwellers access to clean and sanitary restrooms for whenever the urge strikes. Looie, set to launch in New York City’s family-friendly Tribeca neighborhood later this month,... Read more

'If Toddlers Texted' Instagram Will Make You Glad They Don't

If toddlers textedShutterstock
Constantly begging for your attention, ratting you out to Grandma, plotting mischief with other kids -- does this sound like stuff your toddler already does? What if he had text messaging to aid him in his endeavors? A dad of three -- who so far has remained anonymous -- wondered what would happen if his... Read more