Photo Series Captures Moms With Their Day-Old Newborns

mom holding newbornJenny Lewis
It's hard to describe the range of emotions that a mother feels on the very first day with her baby. So instead of putting it into words, London-based photographer Jenny Lewis spent five years capturing it on film. Lewis started the project by posting leaflets around the London borough of Hackney, offering a free print to... Read more

Unretouched Cindy Crawford Photo is a Win for Moms

Cindy Crawford at Golden Globes in blue gownGetty
In a victory for moms everywhere, an unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford is making the rounds on the internet. Baring stretch marks and imperfections, the Marie Claire photo is bold, brave and beautiful. The 48-year-old mom-of-two stuns in a black bra and panties and a feathered cape. But photo isn't as recent as some who are... Read more

Weekly Inspiration: A Beachy Maternity Shoot

Suffering through a summer pregnancy? Take a cue from Kelly Huljev Photography and take your maternity portraits seaside. We love the windswept look, the brightness and how natural the whole shoot feels.   Plus, more from The Bump:

This Family’s Adoption Pictures Will Make Your Day

Get the Look: Vanessa...

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This Family’s Adoption Pictures Will Make Your Day

When photographer Kate T. Parker's sister and brother-in-law adopted baby Sam, now five months, in February 2014, she knew immediately that she wanted to commemorate the event in a special way. Kate documented the entire adoption process on camera, ending with a stunning series entitled Blended, which chronicles the family welcoming a new baby into... Read more

Photographing Kids for Holiday Cards

kids being kids
Every year I put tons of thought into my holiday card (see past photos here). I come up with a theme, I get props, I go all out. My friends have begun to expect, even anticipate what I'll put out every year. So when one of my friends was telling me that she couldn't... Read more

DIY Newborn Photography: How to Avoid Taking Bad Pictures

Photo: iStockPhoto: iStock
Photography is one of the things I'd love to be good at. Newborn photography is so precious and such a big thing right now. I love looking up "newborn photo props" on Etsy and seeing all the things people come up with. For some reason, my husband and I went the DIY route with newborn... Read more

Hot Trend: Photographer in the Delivery Room — Would You Have One?

Photo: Nikki WilliamsPhoto: Nikki Williams
Obviously, you're going to take a million pictures of baby right after she's born -- and probably even have a photographer do a newborn shoot. But what about having a professional snap away during labor and delivery? According to The New York Times, more and more parents-to-be are hiring photographers to capture their baby's... Read more

I’d Never Take Any Photos of My Kids if I Didn’t Have an iPhone

On family outings, my husband is the one who lugs around the paparazzi-style camera and bag with additional flashes, fancy lenses and other accoutrements. When I'm at the playground alone and have one eye following my 5-year-old who is scaling the slide backwards and the other on my two-year-old who is bound to get clocked... Read more