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Most Popular Baby Names, State By State

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You already know the most popular baby names of 2014, and now it's time to get a little more local. The Social Security Administration just released 2014's official lists of the most popular baby names by state. While the national winners, Emma and Noah, are used so frequently that they snag the number one... Read more

Noah, Emma Top Most Popular Baby Names

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The results are in: Emma and Noah top the lists of most popular baby names for 2014. That's the word from the Social Security Administration's annual report on baby names, released every May. Emma is reclaiming the number one spot, a position it held back in 2008. And Noah remains no. 1 for... Read more

10 Winning Baby Name Ideas From the 2012 London Olympics

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Even though baby won’t be ready for Rio in 2016, you can pave their way to the Olympics with the perfect name. Inspired by 2012 Olympians, these gold-medal monikers are sure to make your baby a winner. Misty The London games marked the third gold-medal victory for this beach volleyball player. Misty May-Treanor suffered many... Read more

10 Pop Culture Baby Names on Our Radar Right Now

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Movies, TV shows, boy bands -- you never know what's going to inspire the hottest new baby names. We predict these unusual monikers will move up the baby name charts because of their pop culture ties. Arya We think this Persian name will experience a huge jump in popularity thanks to Game of Thrones. On... Read more

No Fair, Sophia Was MY Baby Name Pick!

I think we "picked" the right name for this silly girl! Photo: Shannon GuytonI think we "picked" the right name for this silly girl! Photo: Shannon Guyton
The most popular baby names of 2011 were announced today, and the name Sophia is number one. Number one! I’m not sure if I should celebrate being early on the trend (I carefully named my daughter Sophia in 2005 before it had made the top 10), or be annoyed my once unique-ish name is... Read more

Baby Name of the Week: Elvis

Photo: Metro Goldwyn MayerPhoto: Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Yes, you read that right. Elvis is making a comeback, according to the Social Security Administration list of popular baby names from 2011. “The King of Rock n Roll’s” namesake had dipped below the top 1,000 baby names list in 2010, but now it’s back on the list at number 904. Elvis is still... Read more

Royal-Inspired Baby Names

Photo: Associated PressPhoto: Associated Press
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s (er, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) first wedding anniversary is this Sunday, April 29th. Can you believe it’s been a year since that wedding craziness? I don’t know about you guys, but I watched all the royal wedding specials leading up to the main event and then I woke up... Read more

Titanic-Inspired Baby Names

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount PicturesPhoto: Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures
The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic was this Sunday. There have been a lot of events commemorating the lives lost in the tragedy – from special memorials to even the 1997 blockbuster hit (with Leo and Kate!) making its 3D debut in theatres. (Did you catch it in 3D – what was... Read more

Is Choosing a Baby Name Making You Miserable?

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It’s nice to have a ton of different baby names to choose from, but did you ever think that all the variety is making you anxious and miserable about choosing the perfect name? Laura Wattenberg writes about the subject in her blog The Baby Name Wizard. She says that the baby-naming blues has really... Read more