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Cindy Crawford's Unretouched Photos Were Fake

Cindy Crawford at Golden Globes in blue gownGetty
Well that was short-lived. Moms and women around the world rejoiced when a supposedly unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford hit the internet on Feb. 13, revealing a model proud of a body that's no longer toned. But recent claims from the photographer -- along with a very different photo Crawford's... Read more

The ‘Mummy Tummy': Setting the Record Straight About a Woman’s Postbaby Belly and Body

Photo: Cinnamon Chic / The BumpPhoto: Cinnamon Chic / The Bump
All eyes were on the Duchess of Cambridge for the most publicized birth of the year -- the arrival of the royal baby boy! Less than 24 hours after the unmedicated natural childbirth, Kate Middleton left the hospital with Prince George in her arms, wearing a modest print dress with no overcoat... Read more

Why I’m So Proud of Kate Middleton for Showing Off Her Postbaby Body

Photo: Guardian UKPhoto: Guardian UK
His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge isn’t the only one who made a big debut on Tuesday. The 8 lbs., 6 oz. little fella appeared on the hospital steps along with his proud papa, his beaming mama… and her postbaby bump. Yes, people, ‘tis true: After women give birth, their stomachs typically take... Read more

Kate Middleton’s New-Mom Wardrobe Will be Fit for a Princess but Made for a Mom

Photo: ABC News / The BumpPhoto: ABC News / The Bump
We know y'all are going all sorts of cross-eyed just waiting for the Duchess to deliver her baby (when is her real due date again, anyway?) but we're thinking about the bigger picture here -- Kate Middleton's new-mom fashion! Since Lady K is going to need to make a few adjustments to her regal wardrobe... Read more