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Mom Of Three Flaunts Bikini In Crowd To Promote Self-Acceptance

Mom strips down to bikini in public place for social experimentAmy Pence-Brown via Instagram
Stripped down to a bikini, a mom of three stood blindfolded in a crowded Boise, Idaho marketplace. Holding magic markers, she encouraged passersby to take one, and draw a heart on her body to promote self-acceptance. Amy Pence-Brown got way more than she bargained for. The 39-year-old is a self-described body-positive activist, who "was a chubby... Read more

Singer Kimberly Henderson Gets Real With Postbaby Belly Photo

Kimberly Henderson and familyKimberly Henderson via Facebook
Kimberly Henderson made a name for herself after posting a video singing a lullaby to her baby girl on YouTube (a cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know," to be exact). She even landed herself time in the studio to record her single, Tiny Hearts. Now, the mom of four is continuing... Read more

What Did Hilaria Baldwin Instagram Two Days After Giving Birth?

Baldwin familyGetty
Just two days after giving birth to baby Rafael, Hilaria Baldwin bravely went where no mom's gone before (or not many, anyway) -- to her hospital room mirror to take a selfie. Hand on her postbaby bump, Baldwin shared the picture on Instagram to encourage new moms "to accept and love our form... Read more

Losing The Mommy Pouch: Ten Minutes A Day To Firm Your Lower Abs

Woman doing situps.Thinkstock
Summer is upon us, which means pools and beaches and many other opportunities to don a bathing suit. Bikini season can be a real bummer for new moms who aren't pleased with the body changes leftover from pregnancy. The good news is that there's a lot you can do to help yourself look and feel... Read more

Postbaby Body Love: Stop Comparing

woman stretching in the sunlightGetty
After being overstretched and overstressed, your postpartum body needs some love. It's tough not to frown when faced with sagging skin and a fuller frame in the mirror, but remember what your body has accomplished! Remember, it took nine months to stretch everything out, so you shouldn't expect it to "bounce back" a week or... Read more

Marathoning Mom Inspires with Bikini Photo

mom in bikiniRachel Hollis via Facebook
Still high off her first-ever marathon one week earlier, Rachel Hollis decided it was time to flaunt the body she'd worked for, and the body three babies took a toll on. “I thought, it’s not going to get better than this," she tells TODAY. "You ran the 26 miles, and I had been training... Read more

Bikini-clad Hilary Duff Tells Moms to Love Their Bodies

hilary duff and son lucaHilary Duff via Instagram
For Hilary Duff, heartbreak and insecurities are so yesterday. The 27-year-old mom of Luca, 23 months, Instagrammed a selfie from her mother-son vacation. The caption?  "Hey #moms #westillgotit #loveyourbod." And in her teensy black bikini, Duff looks phenomenal. The photo comes on the heels of her Cosmopolitan cover story, in which Duff talks about her... Read more

Cindy Crawford's Unretouched Photos Were Fake

Cindy Crawford at Golden Globes in blue gownGetty
Well that was short-lived. Moms and women around the world rejoiced when a supposedly unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford hit the internet on Feb. 13, revealing a model proud of a body that's no longer toned. But recent claims from the photographer -- along with a very different photo Crawford's... Read more

The ‘Mummy Tummy’: Setting the Record Straight About a Woman’s Postbaby Belly and Body

Photo: Cinnamon Chic / The BumpPhoto: Cinnamon Chic / The Bump
All eyes were on the Duchess of Cambridge for the most publicized birth of the year -- the arrival of the royal baby boy! Less than 24 hours after the unmedicated natural childbirth, Kate Middleton left the hospital with Prince George in her arms, wearing a modest print dress with no overcoat... Read more

Why I’m So Proud of Kate Middleton for Showing Off Her Postbaby Body

Photo: Guardian UKPhoto: Guardian UK
His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge isn’t the only one who made a big debut on Tuesday. The 8 lbs., 6 oz. little fella appeared on the hospital steps along with his proud papa, his beaming mama… and her postbaby bump. Yes, people, ‘tis true: After women give birth, their stomachs typically take... Read more