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Nursing Tank Meets Shape Wear for Ingenious New Top

Photos: Courtesy of the manufacturer / The BumpPhotos: Courtesy of the manufacturer / The Bump
After baby's born, there's a lot of extra stuff hanging out in your middle -- you know what I'm talking about new mama. And shape wear is your best friend if you're invited to a wedding or some other event where you're expected to squeeze into something you don't feel quite ready to squeeze into... Read more

My Ring Finally Fits Again! And Other Postpartum Milestones

Engagement ring
Since my twins were born, I can say that my Instagram feed has one subject and one subject only: babies. And it's not just me -- my mom and my sisters watch and document their every move via some sort of device, whether it's a phone, camera or iPod. Baby milestones are important! But I... Read more

Why I Hired a Doula

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
Recently, I came across an article highlighting the differences between how American mothers are treated before and after birthing their children as compared to the treatment of mothers in different cultures. The article was eye-opening in many ways, and a read I recommend to all of you ladies. While reading about how little... Read more

Would You Get Vaginal “Face Lift” After Baby? Thousands Are

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During childbirth, a woman's vagina does amazing things, but afterwards it's not always exactly the same. (If you're pregnant, don't freak out. This does not happen to everyone and based on the moms we know, big change seems like an anomaly.) That's one of the reasons, according to Reuters, thousands of women every year... Read more