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All Moms Can Relate To Anna Faris's Potty Training Tweet

Jack Pratt in a swimsuitAnna Faris via Twitter
Three-year-old Jack Pratt may want to stick with the swim diapers for a little bit longer. Mom Anna Faris snapped a photo of her bathing suit-clad toddler standing calmly over the puddle that is his accident -- Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts in hand. "Potty training is going great! I'm a natural!" she Tweeted, tagging husband Chris Pratt.... Read more

Potty Training Goes Medieval

iron pottySkip Hop
If you're familiar with Skip Hop, you're probably used to its colorful hedgehogs or fun cows and unicorns. But today the brand introduced a more...medieval product --  the Iron Potty -- just in time for the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Yep, this training toilet boasts realistic sword details and BPA-free rubber. And CEO... Read more

Potty Training My Toddler Made Me Jealous of Other Potty Trained Tots

Photo: Dr. Greene / The BumpPhoto: Dr. Greene / The Bump
I never really compared Lovie to other children when she was smaller. In hindsight, I think I didn’t compare because I didn’t have to—Lovie was ahead with a lot of milestones.  Instead of realizing that’s why I didn’t really compare, I told myself I was just so enamored with finally being a mom that... Read more

Potty Training In Two Days — I Never Thought It Would Work, But It Did

thomas underwear
"They need to be potty trained for Pre-K 3." Those words, spoken by a teacher during my son's school tour back in the spring, stung. You see, I had read a thing or two about potty training, and the gist I'd gotten was this: Wait until your child is ready -- don't force it. And... Read more