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Woman's Reaction To Granddaughter's Triplet Reveal Is Priceless

triplet pregnancy announcementMary Cooksey Patterson via Facebook
It’s not everyday you find out you’re going to become a grandmother. Or a great-grandmother. So you can imagine how excited one woman quickly became when she realized it's going to happen three times over after her granddaughter-in-law revealed she’s pregnant with triplets. At a family gathering that was recorded and posted on Read more

All Signs Point To Pregnancy: Deaf Husband Gets Big Surprise

husband discovers positive pregnancy testYouTube
Brittany Welch didn't waste any time figuring out how to surprise her husband with the big news once she found out she was pregnant. After getting a positive read that day, she wrapped the pregnancy test in tissue paper, making her husband, David, dig through a bag of goodies to get to it. Read more

Pregnancy Announcement Video Delivers Double Dose Of Christmas Cheer

surprise twin christmas pregnancy announcementSonya Davison
It's hard to find the perfect gift for your significant other. But Sonya Davison Sanchez found two. In a homemade stop-action video festively set to "Jingle Bell Rock," Sonya gifts husband Judd with a baby bump. But before he can fully celebrate, she ties a second ribbon around her belly; twins are on the way! Of course,... Read more

Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2!

Chelsea Clinton pregnancy newsShutterstock
Developing Clinton news today, and it doesn't involve debate highlights, we promise. Chelsea Clinton tweeted that she and husband Marc Mezvinsky are expecting their second child. Charlotte, 14 months, might not exactly have a grasp on what's going on just yet. But a big sister book is a great way to start letting... Read more

Audrina Patridge Is Pregnant!

Audrina Patridge pregnancy annonucementFacebook
The Hills are alive with baby fever! On the heels of Kristin Cavallari's newest addition, Saylor, former The Hills co-star Audrina Patridge just announced she's expecting. The perk of a positive pregnancy test during the holidays? A baby announcement totally doubles as a Christmas present. At least that's what Patridge is telling her fiancé, Corey Bohan.... Read more

Wife Surprises Husband With Star Wars-Themed Pregnancy Announcement

While finding out you're having a baby is incredibly exciting, it can also be incredibly scary, especially if Darth Vader and a pair of stormtroopers are the ones to tell you that you're going to be a dad. While celebrating their three year anniversary at Walt Disney World, one wife enlisted the help of a... Read more

Couple Slows Things Down In Viral Pregnancy Announcement

parents react to pregnancy announcementYouTube
One of the best parts about getting pregnant? Breaking the news. And like many of the couples in our favorite pregnancy announcements, Danny and Ciera Woods wanted to catch their friends and family completely off-guard. To achieve the element of surprise, the Columbus, Ohio couple told their loved ones that they were being interviewed for one... Read more

Watch Grandpa's Hilarious Reaction To 'Whisper Game' Pregnancy Announcement

Couple finds out they're going to be grandparentsYouTube
While parenthood may not be all fun and games, that concept clearly doesn’t apply to pregnancy announcements. Texas mom-to-be Alexa Goolsby decided to take a page out of comedy genius (and dad) Jimmy Fallon’s playbook by telling her parents she was expecting while they played their own rendition of Fallon’s famous "Read more

Surprise! Taste Test Turns Into Pregnancy Announcement

taste test pregnancy announcementDudeLikeHELLA via YouTube
As an outdoor living vlogger chronicling his life in Alaska, Corey Williams is no stranger to adventure. So when his wife, Kristen, suggested she administer an adventurous taste test for his YouTube channel, DudeLikeHELLA, he was completely on board. Once the camera started rolling, Kristen blindfolded Corey and began introducing foods one by... Read more

The Best Gifts Come In Small (Apple) Packages

caity and chad reay and familyCaity Reay via Facebook
We’ve never seen a bait-and-switch end as happily as this. When Wyoming mom Catie Reay found out she was pregnant, she decided to surprise her new husband Chad with a one-of-a-kind early birthday present—a positive pregnancy test, cleverly disguised in an Apple Watch box. As Catie hands Chad the box, she hints at the sentimental... Read more