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Why Moms Are Using #7MonthsAwesome To Support A Pregnant Scientist

Dr. Decombel holding #7monthsawesome signInstagram

Dr. Samantha Decombel is the exact type of rock star we love to feature. She's a scientist, she's an entrepreneur, and best of all for us, she's pregnant. But the reason for this feature is extremely frustrating: She was uninvited from speaking at a conference because she's in her third trimester.

Earlier this year,...

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​Yikes! Being Pregnant Could Get You Denied for a Mortgage

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Thinking about making the move to a bigger home now that you've got a baby on the way? Be ready to put up a fight with your bank. Although it's absolutely illegal under the Fair Housing Act, some banks are delaying or denying loan applications when the borrower is pregnant or on maternity leave. Their reasoning? There... Read more