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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Tried Getting Pregnant

Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: Thinkstock
Maybe I was naïve, but I thought getting pregnant was as simple as having unprotected sex, and I’d be a mom in nine months flat. We spent years trying to prevent pregnancy, waiting until we were ready and having panic attacks if my period was late. So naturally, once we stopped preventing -- boom! --... Read more

Will Pregnancy Change Your Feet… Permanently?

pregnant woman doing yogaVeer
You've probably heard a horror story or two about a friend of a friend whose feet got bigger during pregnancy -- and never went back to "normal." She had to toss a closet full of precious Louboutins and Choos. Could this happen to you? Yeah, it could. (Sorry!) A new study conducted... Read more

I Am Pregnant (aka a Message for Dads-to-Be)

pregnant woman
I am pregnant. My already large breasts have grown to the size of two cantaloupes. My nipples look like they have met a tanning bed. I haven’t seen my vagina in weeks, and I have bright blue veins running the length of my body. Remind me of my beauty. Help me embrace my... Read more

Crazy Third Trimester Symptoms

Momma Fisher
As I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy (five more weeks to go), all these hilarious/mysterious/disgusting symptoms are popping up that no one ever warned me about! Well, maybe they warned me, but you don't really pay attention until you actually get there. If you've gone through this already, my sincerest congrats on getting through.... Read more

Welcome to the Grumpy Pregnancy Club

Veer / The BumpVeer / The Bump
See the picture above of the positively radiant, super cute, and healthy pregnant gal?  Yah, that’s not me. I was not a perky pregnant person.  I was known as the “swollen one” in my Lamaze class.  The acid that percolated in my throat was only just a little more comfortable than the heart palpitations beating... Read more