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This Is Way More Than Just A Pregnancy Test

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Your pee can reveal a whole lot more than you thought. You've probably heard of the hormone responsible for that plus sign on a pregnancy test: human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It becomes present in your urine when an egg implants in the uterus. While its detection is enough to know that you're Read more

Choosing a Pregnancy Test — a Guide for Men

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If a woman becomes pregnant, in most cases she knows something is up early-on. She feels different.  She suspects. And when she asks you to pick up a pregnancy test from the store on your way home from work, this is where the fun really begins for the expecting dad -- be prepared!... Read more

Vending Machines Sell Pregnancy Tests In Bars

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A woman walks into a bar and takes a pregnancy test. No, this is not the beginning of a bad comic's stand-up routine. A bar in Mankato, Minnesota has started selling pregnancy tests to its possibly expecting patrons. With the swipe of a credit card, women at Pub 500 can find out if they should stick with water for... Read more