How Baby's Delivery Method And Diet Influence Immunity-Boosting Gut Bacteria

Bottle-fed babyBottle-fed baby
Typically, if all goes well, by a few weeks after childbirth, you can't tell whether a baby was delivered vaginally or via c-section. And by the time your son or daughter is in preschool, you typically won't be able to tell whether or not that child was exclusively breastfed. Despite all the controversy over parenting choices, most moms and... Read more

Life-Size Dolls Simulate Labor And Delivery

doctors tending to labor dollSimMom via YouTube
At first glance, these life-size dolls are terrifying. And at second glance too. But the purpose of SimMom isn't to make childbirth look pretty or easy. It's to help doctors prepare for a smooth delivery, even with all sorts of complications that can occur along the way. The birth simulation tool can mimic... Read more

Birth Photographer Captures All The Emotions of Childbirth (Video)

J&B PhotographyJ&B Photography
A full year of capturing a woman's most emotional moments—the ones during and right after her baby arrives—would leave some people emotionally drained. But not Jessie and Bree, the ladies behind J&B Photography. The Los Angeles-based birth and newborn photographers have just completed their first full year photographing "Birth Stories," and they put together... Read more

Are Potatoes Problematic For Pregnancy?

sliced potatoShutterstock
Trying to get pregnant? You probably already know there's foods that can help boost your fertility and get you in tip-top baby-making shape. But your pre-pregnancy diet isn't just important for the sake of getting pregnant. It can influence the health of your future baby as well. Previous studies have found that eating lean... Read more

Trying Again After Miscarriage: Latest Study Says Sooner Is Better

holding handsShuttertsock
Miscarriage can be incredibly difficult to wrap your head around. And if you're one of the 10 to 15 percent of pregnant women who've experienced one, you may be wondering when it's safe to start trying again. Emotionally, we can't make that decision for you. And you'll need to give yourself all the Read more

Having A 'Big Baby'? Read This Before Delivery

Doctor checking pregnant woman with stethoscopeShutterstock
Call it 'baby-dismorphia'; many moms-to-be perceive their babies to be dangerously big. But a new study offers reassurance: your eight-and-a-half pounder is totally normal. The Boston University study, published in Maternal and Child Health Journal, found that nearly a third of women report being told by healthcare providers that their babies might be "quite... Read more

New Study Finds Breakthrough In Preeclampsia Diagnosis

Pregnant woman who has an examinationThinkstock
Preeclampsia can be a scary diagnosis for moms-to-be, especially now that Kim Kardashian, one of the approximately 5 percent of pregnant women who experience it, has been outspoken with less-than-glowing things to say about the condition, which she suffered from during her first pregnancy. Often caused by high blood pressure and kidney problems, it can... Read more

Dad Delivers Baby at Home, Tweets Play-By-Play Of Entire Experience

home birth Tweet saga babyMarco Rogers via Twitter
It's hard to really understand the birthing process until you've actually experienced it. And emergency home birth scenarios? Those are even harder to envision yourself going through. But buckle up: One dad is taking Twitter users on a crazy, graphic, hilarious, thorough and ultimately inspiring journey of his wife's unexpected home birth. And thanks to... Read more

New Pregnancy Test Syncs With App On Your Phone

new pregnancy test from First ResponseFirst Response
Want to know whether or not you're pregnant? There's an app for that. First Response unveiled a new digital pregnancy test this week at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show (a.k.a the largest tech conference in the world). The Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test uses Bluetooth to sync with the First Response app on your phone. “With... Read more

All Signs Point To Pregnancy: Deaf Husband Gets Big Surprise

husband discovers positive pregnancy testYouTube
Brittany Welch didn't waste any time figuring out how to surprise her husband with the big news once she found out she was pregnant. After getting a positive read that day, she wrapped the pregnancy test in tissue paper, making her husband, David, dig through a bag of goodies to get to it. Read more